How Exposed Are Irish Election Systems To Interference? Very Exposed…

The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

Josef Stalin, Communist & mass murderer of over 30 million people

In the Irish General election of February 2020, new political party Aontú received 1.9% first preference votes from Irish Citizens. Just one Aontú candidate of the twenty-six who ran was elected to the national parliament (The Dail) – party founder Peadar Tóibín.

Aontú was formed in January of 2019 by Tóibín after he split from the Sinn Fein political party, due to his personal opposition to Sinn Fein’s new-found pro-abortion policies in the run up to the abortion referendum of 2018. In effect, Tóibín was expelled by Sinn Fein for his personal anti-abortion views. In Sinn Fein, the interests of the party stand above all else.

Aontú needed another 0.1% of the vote to gain access to the Irish party-political fund. Mandated under section 16(b) of the Electoral act of 1997, linked here, each qualified political party is paid a flat rate amount of €126,974 annually, and a share of a large funding pool once they reach 2% of the national first preference vote count and get at least one candidate elected. Bad luck for Aontú right? So close, yet so far.

That central funding pool is currently €5,963,992 – the fund rises over the years in line with civil service pay increases.  Naturally, a new party like Aontú could have used this money to grow their organisation. Had they achieved the 2% threshold for funding, they would have been in a strong position to increase their profile and further erode Sinn Fein’s traditionally Catholic Nationalist voter base.

Our report is not about abortion or the merits of Aontú’s political party policies. However, this election background and Aontú’s stance on abortion is a useful context to interrogate the integrity of Ireland’s election system.

The current results system has put the hugely unpopular Fianna Fail & Fianna Gael party into power in Ireland repeatedly over the past twenty years. Did it ever really add up that both parties kept getting the numbers they did? They kept elderly people rotting & dying on trolleys every winter. They were involved in scandal after scandal after scandal, bribery, corruption, graft, selling out the country to corporations, open borders – you name it, the list is endless. These parties also signed off on the banking crash guarantee that destroyed so many lives and indebted generations. Yet they just kept getting majorities no matter how many independents or smaller parties ran. We were constantly told it was down to civil war politics. A convenient narrative if ever there was one.

And now Sinn Fein, with the right system in place, are poised to take their turn on the merry-go-round after they helped cause the current economic crash by cheering on (and never questioning) the scientifically absurd, freedom-destroying economic lockdowns.

Ireland’s ancient election software system (more details below) also delivered an unexpected landslide for Sinn Fein in 2020. All three of these main Irish parties are currently virtually identical in terms of policy. For a demonstration of the ongoing political synchronicity, Sinn Fein & Fine Gael are now playing out pro-vaccine kabuki theatre as we explained here. Big Pharma and Ireland’s non-existent stem-cell research laws also have particular relevance to how Aontú performed in the recent election. We go into that below.

Aontú are a staunchly Catholic party with a very active volunteer Catholic base. Prior to their conception, over 33.6% of Irish people voted no in the Abortion referendum in 2018. (so that’s 33, and 3*6… if you’re missing the symbolism of those numbers appearing in a vote on abortion, I’ll say no more). No other party in Ireland represented the anti-abortion vote in the 2020 election except for outsiders mis-labelled as the ‘far-right’ by the mainstream Irish media. Aontú were the only ones given media profile, anointed as barely acceptable by the Irish media because they knew SOME token voice had to be given to the 33% or more that voted no in the Abortion referendum.

Given the above percentages, Aontú’s final tally of just 1.9% of the national vote, which was so close to the magic 2% for party funding, was… interesting to say the least. Recent reports of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 United States Presidential election (which we are documenting daily here), have implicated Dominion voting systems as completely flawed. Their established origins in Venezuela under Chavez for the express purpose of rigging elections are jaw-dropping. Former US Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell has produced sworn testimony from a former Cuban intelligence chief to confirm that, under oath. You will be seeing plenty more about Dominion in the next month. As well as activist extreme-left election count workers caught on tape committing voter fraud.

Elections in Germany and other European countries are also said to have been tainted by Dominion systems – which would explain how the hugely unpopular Angela Merkel has also managed to somehow remain in power for fifteen years. That story is still developing and will no doubt play out over the coming months behind mainstream media’s censorship efforts. The fact is, Irish media outlets like RTE do not want us talking about our election arrangements. Half of their families are members of the Irish parliament (ok, slight exaggeration, but there’s family links everywhere between politics and the state broadcaster in Ireland. For example, Simon Coveney of Fine Gael’s brother is RTE head of strategy: Presenter Sean O Rourke’s wife is Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan’s PA: Tubridy the pharma lobbyist is related to half of Fianna Fail. The list is long: It’s a disgusting cesspool).

Anyhoo, we went digging into what software systems currently run Ireland’s election counts and result calculations. And we looked into the plans for the future based on recently awarded tenders. Ireland doesn’t use the foreign Dominion voting systems, but a company originally incorporated from ‘XMaglen’ (Crossmaglen, in the United Kingdom) now has control over Irish election systems.

Furthermore, all new Irish election system software will have full connection to the internet – which is the main issue the United States is facing regarding the Venezuelan backed Dominion Voting Systems.

Ireland’s current election software Arrangement

The election software in Ireland used for everything from General elections to our banana Presidential elections is called ‘Ecount’. There is very little information available online about the system (possibly because its over 25 years old), but the existence of ‘Ecount’ was confirmed by a recent tender awarded by the Irish Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage (DHLGH). According to Department documents (images and links below) Ecount is built on 2007 versions of Microsoft Access (like Microsoft Excel, but more database focused) and Visual basic (a coding language used to create the interactive Ecount front-end used by election workers).

In June 2018, the DHLGH released a request for tenders for a new Election Count Management System, and awarded the tender to a company called Inventise Software management in July 2019. The total value of the contact award was €598,873.

For those with access to etenders, the tender reference numbers are External Reference: 2019-295795. TED Reference: 2019/S 145-357914. If you still cannot find it, search keyword ‘election’ in published awards, and include 2018 in the date bracket.

And for anyone who doesn’t have access to etenders, here are all of the relevant tender documents for you to enjoy with family over the Christmas.

  1. Document 1, Tender Request for Information by DHLGH June 2018
  2. Document 2, Tender response document (Filled out by all companies who applied for a tender)
  3. Document 3, DHLGH Original tender notice for Election Software on etenders, ref 2018/S 120-273624
  4. Document 4, FINAL Tender award document to Inventise July 2019

Document 1 above, which is the first document released by the Department, details in their own words their use of ‘Ecount’ for all elections in Ireland since 1999, and how the system is based on Microsoft Access 2007 & Visual Basic, which have multiple known security vulnerabilities.

Section 1.3 Brief Description: ECount is an Election Count Management forms system, client based, that has been developed in MS Access (currently Access 2007) and Visual Basic. The system has been in use by Election-day Returning Officers since 1999 is and by the DHPLH for compiling statistics and publishing the official Election Results report.

Tender request doc 1 for information from DHLGH

This is the system that awarded Aontú the oh so close 1.9% of first preference votes.

So just how secure is the voting system that we have used to administer our democracy since 1999? We’ve never seen one mainstream media report on this subject.

Microsoft Access 2007 has Massive Security vulnerabilities

Here are examples of major security vulnerabilities around Microsoft Access 2007. There are too many to mention, so we have linked a google search for you on the subject here.  

One interesting result on that search is the particular vulnerability of Access 2007 ‘macros’ to penetration, which you can read about here.

A ‘macro’ is a ‘programmable pattern which translates a certain sequence of input into a pre-set sequence of output’. In other words, all the complicated maths surrounding how votes are distributed in a proportional representation system will probably be run though a pre-programmed series of steps, or macro.

Given that Ireland’s proportional representation system of vote transfers probably depends on macros to calculate how votes are distributed in the Access-based Ecount system, this is of course a cause for security concern. That is in addition to the multiple other security vulnerabilities of the 15 year old Microsoft Access 2007-based system.

Has there been interference in our elections? Have security audits been done? The mainstream media won’t touch this of course – individual government TD’s and patriots in Ireland (there aren’t many) will need to dig into this themselves. J2 Military Intelligence is also looking at the issue.

Questions may be asked by readers as to why anyone would want to interfere with Irish elections by hacking into our vote tallying systems. We speculate on one hypothetical example below that goes beyond the pervasive systematic Irish political corruption that Irish people have forgotten about thanks to politicians making them irrationally fear for their lives in the manufactured Covid-19 hysteria.

The new election software system paid for by Irish taxpayers

We confirmed with the tender controller, Ian Stuart-Mills of the DHPLH  (Named on the Tender document 3 linked above) that the new system build is nearing completion and deployment in our elections. The DHPLH staff confirmed on a call that the new system was not used in the recent general, presidential and European elections where Ecount was still deployed.

As mentioned, the Election software tender winning company was Inventise Software development, with an address at 1 Prince of Wales Terrace, Quinsborough Rd, Bray, County Wicklow.

We are alleging no wrongdoing by the company – we are merely pointing out the current facts as they pertain to the extremely important aspect of transparency and security around Irish democratic elections.

Inventise are registered in Ireland, and were originally registered in the UK in Xmaglen/Crossmaglen Armagh on the 30th November 2009, as you can see on the UK companies registration website here.

Given that the tender response document details that the system will be connected to the internet (image below), Irish TD’s and political parties must demand access to full details of the system from the DHPLG as soon as possible, and a review needs to take place before it is put into operation in an election. In addition we need a review of the previous system’s vulnerabilities. Until everything can be verified, hand counts and open tallying should be the order of the day. Previous election candidates that didn’t make the grade should be interested in pushing a full audit of Ecount.

Mentions of security relating to the internet on Tender response doc, document 2 above.

Given that hundreds of millions were spent on corruptible Dominion voting software in the United states (in one state alone – Georgia), the half million euro Ireland has spent seems a small amount to be spending on the security of our democracy and the integrity of our elections.

The US is likely now moving to a blockchain system with full paper ballot traceability & transparent counting as more fraud reveals itself.

Until we can get that system in Ireland, why can’t we have everything being counted on a giant black/white board in the count centre, with a live recorded video feed for the public to monitor? – this would guarantee transparency.

The board could be backed up by electronic means, and the ballot counting could have overhead cameras everywhere for the public to watch. The election count-centre machinations are not transparent, as witnessed by the author in February. Electronic voting systems & tallying programs in general are opaque, out of the public eye, and vulnerable to interference. Trust, but verify.

This scrutiny is unlikely to happen unless we demand it as a people, undivided. Just like the issue of transparency in our corrupt courts will continue to stagnate until half the country marches on the Dail.

Where convicted peadophiles walk free under Judge Martin Nolan the paedophile-pardoner, VAT dodging garlic salesmen get 7 years in prison. There can be no confidence in the courts or our elections without transparency. Everything should be on camera, accessible 24/7 by the public who pay civil service salaries. has made a freedom of information request to the DHPLH for access to the winning tender document by Inventise. The request has been forwarded to Inventise for approval. We await the reply from the DHPLH on this issue.

However, Irish elected TD’s and the toothless Public Accounts Committee should be able to get access to it tomorrow if they wish, to follow up on the concerns raised here. For the good of the country they need to get ahead of the coming storm resulting from revelations in the USA, that story is not going away.

If our election system is not safeguarded and made fully transparent, it will confirm that we really are living in the one-party state many of us fear now exists. 2020 has shown us that tyranny and authoritarianism are bursting out of the shadows they have lurked in since we won our nominal independence from the evil empire. They could easily be meddling in our elections once again using semi-competent hackers. The Prince of Wales is next in line for the throne.

Why would The Irish election systems Possibly be a target for hacking?

Power and policy control is the number one motive for fixing elections. The fraud of the US general presidential election is being ignored by the Trump Deranged left across the world, but this massive scandal will play out more in the coming weeks.

There was definitely widespread voter fraud there, facilitated by compromised electronic systems. It is worth reminding the left in Ireland that if our elections were compromised in Ireland over the past twenty years, Fianna Fail, the communist greens, & Fianna Gael have all profited. And just because closet-communists Sinn Fein may now be set to profit doesn’t mean it won’t swing back around. Mind you, the three parties are exactly the same so it probably doesn’t make a difference beyond optics.

To round off, let’s look at the above scenario of Aontú’s 1.9% and their anti-Abortion stance; here’s a hypothetical.

Whether or not one sits on the extreme left and champions abortion, those still grounded in reality will acknowledge that with 33% of the country strongly opposing abortion (at least, that’s the reported number from ‘Ecount’!), and only 1.9% of the country voting for the only party opposing abortion in the recent referendum, something doesn’t add up.

Abortion is a multi-billion dollar industry. Even Wikipedia acknowledge it is worth 1.3 Billion dollars in the US, for Planned parenthood alone. Abortion is factually big business whether you support mass abortion or not.

So, besides established political parties, who benefits if the only party in Ireland opposing abortion is prevented from growing and accessing vital political funding?

The abortion industry does, and by extension, the Irish-based pharmaceutical industry does.

Pharma made up over 50% of Ireland’s exports pre-COVID-19, and that number has grown substantially with unscientific lockdowns and the intentional destruction of small businesses by the Irish Government.

And as you can read here, Ireland is the only English speaking country in Europe that has no regulations for stem cell research.

Many readers will be aware that aborted foetal tissue is openly a constituent part of many new vaccines and stem-cell treatments, including new unnecessary COVID-19 Vaccines.

It has been credibly alleged by various commentators that the reason Ireland has had such an influx of Pharmaceutical companies in the past decade (when we never had a history of that industry in Ireland) is the complete lack of stem-cell research regulations. Local abortion material on tap is needed to provide those stem cells for the gargantuan pharma research sector in Ireland.

Fianna Fail know this, Fine Gael know this, and you can bet Sinn Fein, the All-Ireland champions of Abortion know this.

Media-manufactured Trump Derangement Syndrome was enough to enlist hundreds or even thousands of willing accomplices in mass voter fraud in the united states.

Is it so hard to believe that a pharmaceutical industry worth hundreds of billions would inject malicious code, or hack into a hugely vulnerable election system to massage a favourable result? We know our politicians are corrupt. We know the pharmaceutical industry has been fined billions in the United States throughout the Opioid crisis lawsuits, deliberately poisoning a generation of working class Americans. They have been found guilty of murdering over one million people. Several formerly star pharma companies are now bankrupt. These people – politicians and big pharma – have demonstrated who they are by their behaviour. Judge them by it.

We know our election software has massive security vulnerabilities. We contend that hobbling the anti-abortion voice in Ireland politically to safeguard their investments in Ireland as a stem-cell research location is a cardinal point on their moral compass. Keeping those who support their political goals in power was essential for their business.

One only has to watch Irish Prime Minster & Pharma lobbyist Micheal Martin pushing the Covid vaccine in Ireland, alongside hobgoblins like Simon Harris of Fine Gael and Mary Lou McDonald of Sinn Fein. All on message, pushing pharma vaccine products that all official statistics show we do not need. Why is Prime Minister Micheal Martin pushing vaccines as essential when China/Wuhan exited the Covid-19 issue without vaccines? Bizarre, to say the least. All three parties have also advocated giving Pharma full legal cover from vaccine injury lawsuits, while swine flu lawsuits from the previous manufactured Swine-Flu crisis are still in the Irish courts to this day.

This is all hypothetical of course. Anyone could be hacking our elections – not just big pharma criminals.

We shall keep you posted on the progress of our FOI request to the DHPLG and Inventise. Based on the current voting tech in place in Ireland, and given current events in the United States, it is clear that interested parties in Ireland must demand full election transparency. A bipartisan system review around who and what is running our so-called democracy would be a good start.

We’re being censored & shut down on Facebook & Twitter for telling the truth. We rely on our readers to share our work, thank you.


Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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