Murderous Irish Government Extends Lockdowns To March 5th

“The beatings will continue until morale improves” say the Irish Government. Leading gang members of the Merrion street political cabal have announced an extension of level five lockdowns until March the 5th. Just a little longer to ‘hold firm’. Just another lockdown. It’s just a mask. It’s just a vaccine. It’s just track and trace. It’s just home restrictions. It’s just another few weeks, right?

There’s more strains though right!? Brazil, and South African in origin. We must stay safe and stop living to prevent dying!

Bolsonaro in Brazil and Senior politicians in South Africa have actively spoken out against the Covid-lie from day one. It’s just co-incidence that the new made-up strains are associated with the Covid-cabal naysayers. Right.

The Irish Government are mad for more lockdowns. And by extension more suicides, more missed heart disease & cancer screenings, more despairing alcohol and drug overdoses. It doesn’t matter that science says that at least 1 in 3 excess deaths in the US not directly caused by COVID-19:

“Some people who never had the virus may have died because of disruptions caused by the pandemic,” says Dr. Steven H. Woolf, the director emeritus of the Virginia university’s Center on Society and Health and first author of the study. “These include people with acute emergencies, chronic diseases like diabetes that were not properly cared for, or emotional crises that led to overdoses or suicides.”

‘Yet MOAR lockdown death!’ cry the Irish political filth. MOAR!


Their ritual sacrifice of our most vulnerable is not yet at an end. The critical mass of Irish human experimentees has not yet been reached for the pharmaceutical companies that own our politicians. They need at least a million free human experiments to track to fully understand the destruction that their new MRNA technology is capable of. A million people’s health damaged to provide pharma revenue well into the future.

Never mind that lockdowns are being lifted all over the USA since Biden was installed, particularly in CCP-owned Democrat-administered states (Florida, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Carolina never had lockdowns to begin with). Never mind that the German courts just announced that lockdowns are unconstitutional, ruinous and ‘catastrophically wrong’. Never mind that yet another peer-reviewed study (and another study) has come out to show the absolute futility of lockdown as a response to any pandemic – particularly fake ones. Irish politicians and Irish health mandarins know about these studies, yet we are in clown world now so real science doesn’t matter. There’s no turning back for them.

Put yourself in the Irish political liar’s shoes

Anger is useless at this point. We’ve known since January that none of the real science seems to matter either. The media don’t report it. The politicians won’t act upon it. So there’s probably no point in us mentioning studies like this by the world-renowned Lancet medical journal in May of 2020, which showed lockdowns were totally useless.

We can only sit back and provide punditry to their carefully choreographed economic car crash. Yes there are wider forces at play here relating to Bond-villain wannabee Schwab’s ‘great reset’ and the simple con of destroying an economy to buy state assets up at a bargain price – the deliberately orchestrated financial crash of 2008 was a prelude to what they’re trying to do now. There’s also the fact that since the dawn of time the priestly classes have worked hard to occult the truth from the average pleb.

Today’s priestly classes are the conjurers of the media, politics, and the churches themselves. The Jesuits in particular had the academic prowess to challenge the pseudo-science early on in the covid-lie but instead let their flock rot in isolation and despair, just as they did during the potato famine of the 1840’s.

In truth, politicians do not now have the option to row back on their Covid and lockdown lies. Imagine for a moment, if they admitted what many of us know to be truth – that there is actually no viral threat to vulnerable people any different to pre-Covid times. Imagine they admitted the established truth that lockdowns, which destroyed the economy and jobs and indebted generations, and masks, which destroyed minds and quality of life, are completely unscientific and unnecessary.

At best, politicians would never be able to show their corrupt faces again. At worst, they could be the focus of a very large and angry mob that ends in an undignified Ghaddaffying. Do not expect the lies to end – only mental pain lies down that blind alley. They will not stop lying about Covid, lockdowns, masks and vaccines until they can outsource the blame for everything to someone else – like the W.H.O. We reported on the WHO’s latest PCR release in recent days. Given that the standard response by Irish political criminals is “we adhere to WHO guidelines”, we likely won’t see any movement in the truth here in Ireland until the WHO adopts a full Mea Culpa approach.

Not so fast. The trouble is that the WHO have said publicly since May that masks are pretty much useless – particularly for asymptomatic people, and that lockdowns were not approved responses to quell pandemics (even fake ones). It doesn’t matter to the organised criminals in the Irish Government, and absent a functioning media no one is going to call them out on it. The population are hypnotised.

In reality we are in the curious (and grim) position where the lockdown lie theoretically has to be maintained into perpetuity by politicians, until some kind of proxy can be set up for them to accept blame publicly. It pains this author to say it but perhaps the only way out of this is a truth and reconciliation commission where politicians are given immunity from prosecution. The only other option is armed rebellion – which given the sleepiness of the Irish sheep is probably not going to happen.

The Irish political ‘elites’ had the wit and training to execute the Covid lie, but they don’t have the intelligence to switch it up and get creative to get us out of it. They were aided in high places by a complicit mainstream media cabal that set the editorial tone and never asked any questions, without whom they could never have gotten this far into the lie. We are not dealing with geniuses here. Our politicians and pharma-owned health mandarins are caught in the death spiral they started when they began lying in February 2020, when they first ignored the Italian epidemiological data and put sick elderly people to death in isolation in nursing homes. There is no way out for them.

Supermarket Carpark Zombies

I accidentally met a man in his fifties in a carpark this week when I was returning to my car after another well-dressed non-masked grocery shopping adventure. He had a white unter-mask on beneath a designer over-mask, and he started gesticulating wildly as I approached his vicinity. I couldn’t understand him and continued to approach his two-metre zone – I honestly didn’t realise what his problem was until I heard his muffled cry… ‘do you have to come so fucking close to me’.

I snapped out of my pretend smile (that half pretend, subconscious smile we all do when we approach someone older than us to show we’re not a threat) and asked him if he had a minute. He said what?! I said, I can show you one minute on my phone three pieces of science that show masks are completely useless for preventing viral spread, and that you’re doing more damage than good to yourself by wearing one. I have that rehearsed.

He threw his hands up in the air and muffled something incomprehensible, walked another few metres then turned around and started muzzle-mouthing at me again. I’ve lost all patience at this point so I politely told him he was a clown, and that I would walk where I wanted. I turned and walked away in grim resignation and realisation that there was literally nothing I could do for that man. I remember that most of the time these days, but there are still occasions like this one where I try to help. They’re becoming much rarer.

He seemed like a nice man until he started muzzle-mouthing off

Being hardwired to be trusting makes us intrinsically gullible. And those Irish who have not encountered abuse or crime in their lives are generally a trusting lot. This is why scams are still a thing, and when the government talks the presumption of those who came from modest backgrounds (most of our elderly people) is that they’re not telling a lie – why would they?

Robert Feldman, a psychologist at the University of Massachusetts, calls that the liar’s advantage. “Most People are not expecting lies, people are not searching for lies,” he says, “and a lot of the time, people want to hear what they are hearing.”  I have witnessed this firsthand from a mask-wearing neighbour of intelligence in her seventies when I told her she need not be afraid any more than pre-Covid and that RTE and the Government have always been corrupting, so why trust them now. She said: ‘ah come on Michael, we want to be told what to think’. Exact words, Jesus wept.

Most people put up little resistance to the deceptions that please us and comfort us—be it false praise or the promise of impossibly high investment returns – or the promise of an extension of their miserable imprisoned lives, despite a ‘killer pandemic’. We explained yesterday that many people sit on their holes all day anyway so they support lockdowns on full pay, they haven’t a clue of the deeper ramifications for younger generations to come. Or else, they do know but are so selfish they don’t care. When we are fed massive falsehoods by people who have wealth, power, and status, they appear to be even easier to swallow, as evidenced by 2020 in general and by the bulk of Irish people trusting in propaganda networks like RTE television.

So where does this leave us in Ireland? We can only look to the rest of the world as we always did. Most of the brains of this country left long ago for American or England. Most of the fight left it during the famine and for the American Civil war. What was left was a genepool of decent people who loved their home but suffering an indigenous brain drain. A few fighting-Irish DNA remnants mustered the courage to start an unwinnable fight in 1916, and a few are speaking now. But it all feels a bit like that bit at the end of the Matrix: the boot is always on our necks leaving just enough room for a few hardy souls to act as a pressure valve for billions of imprisoned minds.

Another smaller group remained after the famine and American civil war exodus in the 1860’s – the sleeveen worm tongues. The Micheal Martin’s, Boris Johnson’s and Stephen Donnelly’s of the world, who saw an opportunity to manipulate a vulnerable population for their own ends. The West-Brit filth that currently administer the crown colony of Ireland, in the guise of FIanna Fail, FIne Gael, SInn Fein, and the rest of the puppets. Shorn of its best by a British Empire bent on dispersal of the Irish, the people were left defenceless to scum like MIchael Martin and Leo Varadkar. Just as the Incas Mitmacked the Chachapoyan cloud people, the Brits smashed the Irish and continue to do so with the help of their own traitors – It’s a story as old as time. The Pharma cabal is the crown and we showed you in our mother and baby homes exposé that these people view the Irish goyim as a medical experimentation ground.

In Italy 50,000 businesses opened up last week despite Government orders, and a Great re-opening is planned for Britain on January 31st. There’s riots all over Holland right now and France, opposing lockdowns. There are also plans afoot for an Irish version of the great re-opening, with telegram groups already set up – links are below. If you have a small business or know someone who has, get involved. Amazon and supermarkets were allowed stay open through all of this, and there’s no outbreaks from useless PCR tests there. It is just and right to break these odious lockdown laws for their natural laws that supercede them.

Hope springs eternal and we cannot give but for any real and lasting change in this country you feel our only hope is for all nationalist groups to combine, set up a charter and an independent truth commission and our own courts to expose the facts just as the leaders of the 1916 rising had done, and concentrate on waking up the masses with a national door-to-door campaign. Anything else is just working within a system that is designed to crush all of us and maintain the priestly classes and the worm-tongues.

Telegram groups in Britain and Ireland for the great reopening:

National Alliance ~ Chatroom
Hello and welcome to the National Alliance!
Our aim is to connect with like minded people, form support networks, support each other and be organised on a local, regional, national and even international level!
Find your local group @NerNA01

* Find Your Local Community and Get Involved! *

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Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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