Caught Red Handed: How RTE Broke The 2009 Broadcasting Act

Key Points:

  • proves with a recorded phone call to RTE’s Newsdesk that the Irish state broadcaster RTE is guilty of multiple crimes under law. RTE are legally obliged to report relevant news to the Irish people under the 2009 Broadcasting act. Their main crime was never reporting the Italian State COVID-19 Data releases to the Irish people. Our recorded phone call with RTE’s News desk from March of 2020 proves they knew.
  • Had the vital Italian State data releases been reported, vulnerable nursing home residents could have been protected and the Irish economy and hundreds of thousands of jobs would not have been destroyed. Lockdowns could not have happened. The releases showed conclusively that only mortally ill elderly people were at small risk from the new virus – just like every bad flu season.
  • The deliberate Irish Government Nursing home murders of 2020 are the biggest scandal in the history of the Irish state since the Mother & Baby home concentration camps scandal. RTE’s covering up of the Italian releases are the biggest scandal in Irish Broadcasting history.
  • This story is related to the European and ongoing American Covid-19 legal investigations – all mainstream media avoided the Italian data releases. The difference for Ireland is we have a law to hold the Irish state broadcaster accountable. The rest of the Irish mainstream media also lied by omission, but the law only applies to RTE.
  • We play you a recorded phone call; show which RTE board members must resign en-masse; provide you with a timeline infographic exposing the impact of RTE’s criminality on the nation; and explore the issue in depth below – including the PPE scam and RTE’s narrative-setting power.
Contents (Section Jump links)
  1. The Recorded Call that proves RTE withheld vital information from the public
  2. The specific laws RTE broke in the 2009 Broadcast act
  3. The Italian State Data Releases that RTE hid from the Irish people
  4. INFOGRAPHIC – The Impact of RTE’s Deliberately Hiding The Truth
  5. What is RTE?
  6. RTE’s Narrative-Power & the Unreported Italian Data Releases
  7. Infographic on the impact of RTE’s criminality on Irish society
  8. The RTE Corporate Board of Shame – How the Board Failed Their Legal Duties
  9. RTE Ran PR For The Massive PPE financial scam
  10. The Italian Data releases in a Global context – Worldwide Nursing Home Murders
  11. Conclusion – RTE’s remaining credibility must be burned to the ground

rte covid broke broadcasting act
The Recorded Call That Proves RTE Withheld Vital Information From The Public

The following recorded phone call from late March 2020 demonstrates how RTE broke the Irish 2009 Broadcasting act by not reporting Italian State Data releases relating to COVID-19-deceased patients in 2020.

The evidence demonstrates RTE can never be trusted again by the Irish people and should be dismantled. In the call RTE admit that underlying health conditions of the deceased are never reported. And they acknowledge this is the not the first call that we highlighted the releases to them. The recorded conversation proves that RTE knew and the Irish people know they never reported the Italian Data to the public.

We show that the entire RTE Corporate Board and News department leadership (led by Jon Williams, formerly of ABC News and the Jimmy-Saville-era BBC) must be removed immediately.

RTE failed in their legal mandate to report the most relevant news possible to the Irish people. Please read the second section to understand exactly what the Data releases were – if you don’t understand ask in the uncensored comments section below – it requires no registration. RTE’s specific failure has led to economic ruin, national mental health destruction through fear, soaring poverty & suicide, thousands of future deaths due to missed illness diagnoses, and the unpayable debt enslavement of future generations.

Thanks to the apocalyptic, unscientific, and disastrous Irish Government COVID-19-response, those generations will have to pay the international bankers into perpetuity for the unnecessary shut-down of our lives and our national economic lifeblood.

RTE have been caught red handed and have blood on their hands.

Here is the call – the laws RTE broke and Italian state data releases are explained immediately below.

The specific laws RTE broke in the 2009 Broadcast act

By failing to report the Italian data releases since March 2020, and the context of Italian Coronavirus-related deaths, RTE failed in their legally mandated responsibilities under section 114 of the 2009 Broadcasting act to:

  1. Disseminate relevant information to the public in the event of a national emergency {They never reported the Data releases despite reporting on the national emergency and despite being made aware} (Section 114, 1, D)
  2. Have regard for the formation of public awareness and understanding… particular to other [EU] member states {they did not provide context for the health crisis in Italy, and we can now see this omission of context was deliberate} (Section 114, 2, C)
  3. Inform & educate in catering for the expectations of the community in general and…respect human dignity {the dignity of our nursing home residents was destroyed due to erroneous withdrawal of care} (Section 114, 3, a)
  4. To collect news and information and to subscribe to news services and such other services as may be conducive to the objects of RTÉ {RTE failed to collect news despite being made aware of it, to help them pursue the objective of providing a public interest news service – (see additionally section 114, 1, a – RTE Objectives) (Section 114, 4, f)
  5. To make contracts, agreements, and arrangements incidental or conducive to the objects of RTÉ {made no effort to investigate the data releases which they were made aware of] (section 114, 4, d).

It is indisputable that RTE has broken the law.

The Italian State Data Releases that RTE hid from the Irish people

On March 12th, 2020 the Italian state health service began releasing detailed statistical breakdowns of patients who had had died with Coronavirus in Italy. Not ‘of’ Coronavirus. You can download or view an example of one of these reports from us for free here – from March 20th, 2020.

This new collated data initiative was the first report to come from the ‘COVID-19 integrated surveillance system’, set up on January 22 2020 by the Italian Ministry of health, under the direction of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

The goal of the new department was to inform the general population of the impact and evolution of the emerging viral situation, and to help health authorities make public health decisions. We were told that Northern Italy was the first location hit by COVID-19 after Wuhan. We were not told that the region of Lombardy was suffering an identical crisis to the one they experienced in the bad Flu season of 2018, where ventilators ran out, many doctors died, and an above average level of mortality occurred in the elderly population. Lombardy consistently has the most polluted air in Europe and their above average respiratory illness and death levels levels are an acknowledged scientific fact.

The first official Italian state COVID-surveillance system death report consisted of over 3000 individual deceased death cards collated into one statistical report. Death cards are individual breakdowns of the health status of each person who was deceased.

In those first official Italian state reports it was clearly shown that 98.8% of the patients who had died while testing positive for COVID-19 had at least one life-threatening chronic illness in the past five years. It also showed that the average age of the deceased was 82 – higher than the average life-expectancy of the region.

This clearly indicated that Lombardy was simply facing another bad Flu season, similar to the Flu season of 2018, as reported in the Italian Corriere della Serra, an organisation which first began reporting the news in 1876. The data continued to be released in larger cumulative samples every three or four days in English and Italian, and it showed conclusively that elderly people and those with compromised immune systems needed to be protected more in 2020’s winter season. The available scientific data showed conclusively that there was no threat of a new pandemic. There was no ‘Pandemic’ occurring in Italy in 2020, because there was no ‘enormous numbers of death and illness’ occurring. That phrase was removed from the official definition of a pandemic in 2010 by the WHO after they bungled the Bird flu response, as reported by the British Medical Journal.

The wider context of February/March 2020 is key to understanding what RTE did. World governments were running for cover due to alarming virus reports being released by Communist China, where all information release is strictly controlled, and freedom of the press is non-existent. Besides the official CCP reports, sensational videos of people falling over in the street and having convulsions in hospital in Wuhan were being shown repeatedly by RTE & Irish media. Ireland was bombarded with non-stop fear by RTE on radio, TV, and online. Report after report around the clock referred to the mounting massive Italian Coronavirus death toll.

Hundreds more coronavirus deaths’… ‘a thousand more Coronavirus deaths’ said RTE. Over and over and over again. They never mentioned the recent similar history of bad flu seasons. It was as if RTE were executing a pre-planned script and were intent on driving the population into mass hysteria.

No context was ever given by RTE behind those who had died and the fact many were mortally ill already and had died at ages over the average life-expectancy age. Our recorded call above shows that RTE was aware of these facts, yet clearly chose not to report them when they could have calmed many fears by doing so. By failing to give any context RTE played a key part in creating a frenzy of hysteria across Ireland, leading to political pressure to lock down the country on social media and in public, thereby destroying our constitutional freedoms and protections. RTE had a legal responsibility to give a balanced informed view of world events to the public.

Click image to download, free to use anywhere
What is RTE?

RTE is the Irish National Broadcaster and a legal statutory body mandated by law. Their radio service began on 1 January 1926, while regular television broadcasts began on 31 December 1961, making it one of the oldest continuously operating public service broadcasters in the world.

RTÉ is overseen by a board appointed by the Government of Ireland, with general management in the hands of the Executive Board – currently headed by Director-General Dee Forbes. RTÉ is regulated by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. RTÉ is financed mainly by a mandatory television licence tax paid annually by Irish citizens. It is the only statutory media body in Ireland funded from taxes, which puts all other independent media organisations at a disadvantage in the media marketplace.

RTE is afforded this special status because, as section 114 of the 2009 Broadcasting act clearly states, the objective of RTE is to ‘to establish, maintain and operate a national television and sound broadcasting service which shall have the character of a public service’.

RTE’s Narrative-Power & the Unreported Italian Data Releases

RTE is ubiquitous in Ireland. They are arguably the most powerful opinion-forming force on the island of Ireland. They have the most listened-to talk-radio shows, they publish magazines, broadcast multiple current-affairs programs, they cover national sports, and have three free TV channels – RTE One, RTE 2, and RTE News Now. They are literally everywhere you turn in Ireland. RTE are a national institution by fiat: setting the national narrative is their currency. Despite zero competition for their services from other broadcasters, RTE’s most prominent figures are paid more than the most well-paid world leaders.

RTE have such a hold on the public psyche that the masses of Irish people tuning in to RTE’s popular ‘Late Late Show’ on Friday nights are regularly ‘entertained’ (lectured) by politicians and policemen, and people who work at… RTE. Some weeks, these establishment types are the only guests on the show.

The agenda of the Late Late dominates conversations in Ireland for days afterward on platforms like Twitter, news blogs, forums, and in offices and living rooms around the country.

The point here, is that whatever RTE decides to say becomes the narrative for the nation. When they do not say something, it also has a huge impact.
A Narrative is a set of assumptions widely accepted by the general public as facts. If the public’s base set of facts is wrong, every step after that will also be incorrect. We have seen in 2020 that there is nothing more powerful (or destructive) in today’s world than the official narrative.

During and prior to 2020, RTE has allowed grainy false narratives to cement in the minds of the public, without balance or counterpoint. That their false COVID-19-narrative has led to economic ruin and debt on a never-before-seen scale is unbelievably beside the point of this piece (given the real deaths that have come from nursing home isolation, missed disease screenings, and suicides).

In 2020, if RTE presented false narratives about George Floyd & Black Lives Matter protests in the United States. They presented a false narrative about ‘mostly peaceful protests, the US election fraud, and they continued to wage narrative war on the Big Bad Orange Man because of the economic nationalism he represents.

However, RTE’s false narrative on COVID-19, facilitated by omitting context on early Italian COVID-19 deaths has been ruinous for our country and the people who live here. We paid RTE to oversee the truth and report it, and we pay their celebrity corporate board to oversee RTE.

The RTE Corporate Board of Shame – How the Board Failed Their Legal Duties

There are also provisions in the 2009 broadcasting act listing the duties and terms of removal for RTE board members. Who are the RTE board members who are guilty of corporate malfeasance by overseeing RTE’s monumental failure to report the truth? You can find a list of them on RTE’s website here. Here are their mugshots:

Click image to download and freely share anywhere

Here is the full list, along with their tenure end dates, and a link to their online profiles. We invite you to send this article to them directly – ask them what they knew about the Italian Data releases.

Moya Doherty , of Riverdance fame                      6/11/2022
Ian Kehoe, of Sunday Business post                         8/10/2023
Deborah Kelleher, Royal Irish academy of Music 6/11/2022
Dee Forbes (Director), of the Forbes Family          10/7/2023
Dr PJ Matthews, UCD Drama                                    3/11/2024
Anne O’Leary, UCC miscellaneous                            3/11/2024
Robert Shortt, RTE correspondent                            3/11/2024
Connor Murphy , Venture Capitalist                          18/3/2025

Section 87 of the 2009 broadcasting act deals with the duties of board members. It is a short section, and their duties are crystal clear:

Subject to the requirements of this Act every member of the board of a corporation shall perform his or her functions in such a manner as to —

(a) represent the interests of viewers and listeners FAIL
(b) ensure that the activities of the corporation in pursuance of its objectives as set out in section 114 (1) or 118 (1) are performed efficiently and effectively (that’s the section we showed was broken by RTE above) FAIL
(c) ensure that the gathering and presentation by the corporation of news and current affairs is accurate and impartial FAIL
(d) safeguard the independence of the corporation, as regards, the conception, content and production of programmes, the editing and presentation of news and current affairs programmes and the definition of programme schedules from State, political and commercial influences. FAIL

Section 84 of the same 2009 Broadcast Act details the terms and reasons for removal of board members. Most notable is part 5: A member of the board of a corporation may at any time be removed from membership of the board of the corporation by the Government if… his or her removal appears to the Government to be necessary for the effective performance by the corporation of its functions.

Unfortunately, this section of the act regarding the board’s removal is muddy. However, we have clearly laid out the case that the law was broken. Therefore, each of the board members should voluntarily resign for overseeing such a failure to execute the duties they are paid for under section 87.

By resigning, they would also send a strong message of support to those of us fighting massive establishment corruption in Ireland.

Section 89 of the act deals with Dee Forbes (of the international Forbes family) directly. Part 2, B states ‘the Director General shall act as editor-in-chief in respect of content published by the corporation in pursuance of its objects under this Act’.

Section 92 lays clear the accountability of the Director General to Parliamentary committees. We should not expect anything big to come of this – as mentioned there is zero accountability in establishment Ireland, and the Irish Uniparty has weighed in behind the COVID-19 response-lie from the start, including Sinn Fein.

Regardless of the likely lack of action, this scandal is another nail in the coffin of public trust in Irish politicians and RTE in the court of public opinion.

RTE Ran PR For The Massive PPE Robbery

RTE & Irish politicians were central to the ongoing PPE financial scam. By locking down and not standing by the science, the government withdrew care from elderly people due to fear-mongering (as demonstrated here in Italy) and many died in isolation and despair because (they said) of ‘a lack of PPE’ preventing care workers from being protected from ‘possibly infecting elderly residents’.

This was of course nonsense: there was no evidence of asymptomatic COVID-19 spread ever being a factor, and the WHO confirmed this consistently throughout 2020 along with the prestigious British medical journal. If you have no symptoms, you cannot pass on the notional COVID-19 virus – just like every other Cold virus.

The PPE lie was an important smoke screen for the news to focus on that obscured what was really going on. Had media and politicians given the Italian data releases the exposition that the nonsense PPE saga received, so much suffering and death and economic destruction would have been avoided in Ireland and globally.

Billions continue to be spent sanitizing Ireland, all being paid for with borrowed money. With almost no senior citizens working in schools the Italian Data releases showed us last MARCH that this approach is utterly bonkers. Hundreds of thousands of euro per month PER SCHOOL is being spent unnecessarily sanitizing classrooms in between each and every class, traumatising children who are at zero risk from catching or spreading COVID-19, and destroying their quality of life. Elderly people still can’t see their relatives despite them having no symptoms of illness. This is criminal.

It is beyond the scope of this report to do into detail on the RTE PPE charade’s impacts, but many are aware that the massive transfer of wealth that was facilitated was a criminal act that cost lives. The fact that asymptomatic spread was not a factor means the PPE fiasco and much publicised Aer Lingus flights to Wuhan were an exercise in diversion.

This was the hand that RTE waved at the Irish people for months, championing the brave Irish pilots’ who were simply flying a routine trip to China to pick up some cargo. While RTE waved that hand at us, their left hand ignored the meaningful, critical, and essential Italian state data releases and deliberately kept them hidden under the table, away from the Irish people. This is how they duped a nation.

RTE lied throughout 2020 about many other things, including the efficacy of masks, hydroxychloroquine, and social distancing. They deliberately omitted balanced discussion and drove hysteria and junk science, clearly running an agenda to terrorise the population with fear and facilitate the biggest robbery of the public purse in the history of the state.

The Italian Data Releases in a Global context – Worldwide Nursing Home Murders

It is not plausible to contend that Governments and media outlets were unaware of the detailed statistical releases coming from the Italian State in early March. The 8th largest economy in the world, with a rich history of scientific and medical contribution, birthplace of the renaissance, and key EU member, was releasing daily data on how this new virus was presenting in their hospitals.

We know that Irish politicians on both sides of the notional political divide were aware of these reports and never referred to them in public because we called them (many recorded) and emailed them too.

Numbers seem to have been needed in key global locations to boost the numbers of dead to make it look like there actually was a pandemic. So, in Ireland compromised politicians and NPHET executives (it only took a small few) directed that sick elderly people be sent out of empty Irish hospitals, and back into vulnerable nursing home populations where care had been massively reduced due to the scaremongering. Most died of their existing illnesses, in isolation and despair, due to this removal of care. At best Governments are guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Worse happened elsewhere in the world.

The Irish Government, Canada, and five US State administrations withdrew elderly nursing home care based on junk science and deliberate ignorance of the Italian scientific data releases. Sweden and Japan didn’t lock down so were likely paying attention to the releases. Both countries are doing fine with far less issues than Ireland or New York. And their economies were not destroyed unnecessarily.

Look at what happened in New York – where sick – non-elderly COVID-19- patients were sent by Governor Cuomo into nursing homes to ‘protect hospitals’, that have all been shown conclusively to have been well below capacity. Young and old were sent… into nursing homes after testing positive! If this wasn’t done deliberately to boost the numbers of dead, then why was it done? It defies rational explanation to send young people with respiratory illnesses into vulnerable nursing home populations – has that ever happened before in the history of humanity?

This was arguably first-degree murder by Cuomo. There are growing calls from both sides of the political aisle in New York to prosecute the Democrat Governor Cuomo, and he is currently under Federal investigation for what happened in the nursing homes.

RTE have not yet reported the Cuomo investigation to their mainly middle-aged and elderly Irish audience – possibly because it would raise some extremely uncomfortable questions for Irish politicians that RTE themselves have supported entirely in their cataclysmic COVID-19 response all year.

Cuomo also had an empty US military hospital ship made available to him by Trump – the ‘USS Comfort’ – anchored off Manhattan, and yet he still decided to send convicted felons, many with extreme mental illness, into understaffed nursing homes full of vulnerable senior citizens. Just like Cuomo, Irish politicians and NPHET mandarins had near-empty hospitals available to them yet sent sick elderly people back into vulnerable nursing home populations. The point has to be repeated.

These nursing home killings took place in so many global locations under such strained logic it is difficult to not see something more than co-incidence. It is difficult not to see them being an essential plot device in the COVID-19-scare-narrative.

Conclusion – RTE’s reputation and credibility must be burned to the ground

Those newly released data reports from Italy were what the world’s press should have been waiting for. Every media outlet should have been singing about it in every news bulletin.  It was trustworthy and relevant data from Italy, and it gave no indication that lockdowns were necessary; or that economies needed to be destroyed; that children’s educations and mental health should be destroyed; or that the unprecedented quarantining of healthy people in their billions around the world was necessary. They gave no indication that sick people should be sent into vulnerable nursing homes. They showed the opposite.

These scientifically produced reports gave no indication that hospitals should be shut down in Ireland or elsewhere, and that cancer and disease screening should be stopped. They gave no indication that the economic and humanitarian disaster that was beginning to unfold in 2020 was necessary. Why were they deliberately ignored by RTE?

It is rare that there is any accountability in Ireland for misdeeds, we live in a country where accountability is extremely rare.

However, we have been afforded here an opportunity in law to hold one of the main organs of Irish state propaganda and deceit to account – by their own laws. And we must prosecute these facts with extreme prejudice – making sure every Irish person who still trusts the RTE apparatus knows the truth of what occurred.

Nothing will happen in the courts despite this criminality as evidenced by disgraced Irish judges allowing unconstitutional lockdowns to continue despite legitimate legal challenges in the High Court.

But with your help, in the court of public opinion RTE’s name will forever be mud based on these criminal actions. Every Irish citizen and guest of our nation must see this report and understand the cancerous malevolence and deceit of RTE.

They should never be trusted again. Crucially the older demographic MUST be shown this article or forwarded the attached audio clip – for it is our elderly, having grown up with the organisation, who are most vulnerable to the lies and deceit of RTE

RTE’s head of News and Current affairs – American Jon Williams, should be sacked forthwith. This trained disinformation specialist learned his trade in Jimmy-Saville-era BBC and the deeply compromised ABC news organisation and has presided over a year of sensationalised COVID-19 lies. The board must also resign in solidarity with the dead.

RTE’s international correspondents tasked with covering Italy and the COVID-19 crisis in general should be sacked for incompetence.

The Irish Gardai have clear evidence of RTE breaking the law and should begin on a wider corruption investigation of the entire organisation. When they’re finished dancing.

If RTE are not race-baiting and wrongly lecturing the Irish people that they are irredeemably racist  or carefully curating ‘debate’ to brainwash the Irish nation with pre-agreed agendas, or working as unregistered pharma-operatives pushing untested and unproven vaccines and useless health-damaging masks, they are criminally omitting information that the Irish people PAY THEM to report.

RTE is a tool used by corrupt Irish establishment politicians to push special interests, keep the population in constant turmoil and fear, and to help the establishment rob us all of our birth right and our liberty.  Everything they do is to the detriment of the Irish people. In no way does RTE benefit Ireland.

RTE’s reputation must be burned to the ground for once and for all.

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