1.2 Billion+ in Presidential Election Bets – And Trump Is Pulling Like A Train…

US presidential election odds betting

With the United States in the grip of the Great Depression in the late 1930’s, Seabiscuit became the idol of a nation, traipsing across the country in his private train, generating more newspaper coverage than Roosevelt, and attracting never-before-seen crowds at every track appearance.

Millions of people had no jobs, were unable to provide for their families and many were homeless. They felt worthless and felt that no one cared. Then came the story of the most unlikely winner, out of luck and discarded just like them, the ultimate underdog.

Seabiscuit was the perfect horse for his time. He didn’t look the part of a great racehorse. With his smallish stature, knobby knees, unusual neck, and slightly crooked forelegs, he looked more like a cow pony than a thoroughbred. But looks aren’t everything; his quality, an admirer once wrote, was mostly in his heart. He didn’t look like much at all.

When he finally got going, he was also too old for high-profile qualifying races, and was a relative dinosaur when he ran his first big race. But because he kept battling and winning smaller contests, they just couldn’t ignore him. The press didn’t give him a chance starting off but against all the odds he became a champion of the people. He won his final race before retirement coming from well behind when all looked lost, in the Santa Anita Handicap in 1940.

At a time of economic devastation, the poor and those who needed hope made money betting on Seabiscuit because the establishment never gave him a chance relative to his great rival War-admiral, who had the media and the publicists on side.

This meant the odds were always better than they should be for backers of Seabiscuit. And no matter how ugly he was, or how many setbacks he had, he just kept going against all the odds. And he never gave up.

Down the back straight

With time ticking for outsider Donald Trump to mount a successful legal challenge to Joe Biden’s apparent win on election night, there have been wild swings in US election betting odds in recent days. It is now over three weeks since election night and despite mainstream media & big tech censorship, the world knows that the steal is on for Joe Biden.

The amount of money in bets that are awaiting settlement is eyewatering. The current live betting total figure on the Betfair Exchange is 1.2 Billion euro, which is a betting platform where individuals bet against each other on the outcome of events. Yes $1,200,000,000+ is awaiting settlement – and it’s still rising by the second – here’s the market.

Betfair exchange is different to traditional bookmakers, where punters place bets at odds offered by the house. On the exchange, people become the bookmaker and can offer odds on an event, and other people place wagers at their chosen odds. The odds are arrived at much like the bid-ask spread on the stock market. Betfair exchange makes their profits by taking a small percentage of every bet – so unlike traditional bookies, the exchange never loses.

Unlike Traditional bookmakers, the exchange has kept the Presidential election betting market open. We can watch the reactions of the market to the news of the various court case-reveals in real time.  Traditional bookmakers have long closed their markets on who will be the next US president, to await an official decision. The media’s early calls for Biden don’t matter – what the courts decide is what counts, so no bets have been settled with traditional bookies or on exchanges.

Here’s a graph of the wild swing in the market these past 24 hours, with indications of what was happening concurrently in the US courts. If you watched the mainstream media, you wouldn’t know anything about those court filings and public press conferences.

Trump has fluctuated from a low of .25/1 odds on election night, all the way to 36/1. Yesterday Nov 25th saw wild swings concurrent with court proceedings
286 million has been bet on Trump since the market opened

Prior to the Pennsylvania state press conference, Trump was viewed as an extreme longshot horse at 30/1 (very unlikely to win). When layers realised that claims of voter fraud were being exposed in an official setting for the first time, and that credible people were testifying under sworn testimony, hundreds of millions were pulled from the markets.

If we were to combine the various different traditional bookmakers’ bets taken since before the election took place, there is no doubt their accumulated wagers would exceed 1.2 billion. Given that the amount staked has risen by over 400 million in recent days, it’s fair to assume that some very big bookmakers have been offering huge odds against Trump to hoover up what they viewed as stupid money from the world’s Deplorables. Betfair allows anyone to offer odds, and traditional bookmakers are known to use the exchange to lay off liabilities.

Mixed among those layers offering high odds were no doubt some very high net worth individuals and hedge funds. None of those people who were offering Trump at 30/1 gave him the slightest chance of winning. These people were so sure yesterday that Trump was going to lose, they were willing to risk Millions of euro for a return of thousands – if Trump was to lose, they would only gain one euro/dollar for every thirty that they risked.

Biden Backers (those who took bets on Trump) are now in a very precarious position – Trump has started to pick up speed, and suddenly he’s making ground in the courts when many had given up.

What makes the Betfair exchange situation extra-interesting is that represents the influence that the mainstream media has in distorting reality & brainwashing people into taking leave of their own judgement. Given his track record, Trump was never out of this race – he has a long history of beating the odds. And of course, the evidence of voter fraud was evident on the morning of November 4th.

As our readers know, everything is up in the air right now in terms of the Trump Team’s legal-challenges, but we have advised you from day one here that Trump would likely be named president despite claims to the contrary by the the main-stream fake-news media.

We could see that Trump had a very strong case in his voter-fraud allegations. We learned years ago not to believe a word the mainstream media ever says. We learned to question everything they say. Most of us were sceptical of the media pre-COVID but we have learned these past 11 months that almost everything they say is a carefully choreographed lie.

886 Million has been bet on Biden…

For many ordinary citizens and greedy gamblers, their trust in the mainstream media may have cost them Billions.

As you can see, over 286 Million has been bet on Trump at this price (prices fluctuate on markets this big constantly).

If Trump wins, the people who put their money on the line for a miniscule return will miss out majorly. But even scarier, perhaps the even bigger picture here is the amount of money that has been gambled on Biden at tiny odds.

Had the media reported the widespread evidence of voter fraud allegations since election night, and done their job, there is no way the vast majority of people would have risked their money on Biden at such short odds – 100’s of millions have been gambled on Biden for a return of less than .05% of their stake.

The Turn

The orchestrated Great Depression & Banking crash was a time in America where all hope was fleeting. People craved a glimmer of hope, something positive to hold on to that could bring joy and happiness during such an awful time in history.

People believed in Seabiscuit, and he gave the people of America something to look forward to. He helped them pay the bills. He was a shining beacon of hope that America’s people desperately needed.

Some people will never get it, but people who know what he has already achieved across the world are rooting for Trump right now. Deplorables everywhere know what it means if the cabal that infects everything gets away with what they’ve done.

Many believe that this is the battle of our times, Good against Evil, Freedom against Communism. Lovers of the War Admiral laugh at these assertions, but The Deplorables do not care.

The people who bet on Trump with their money and their hearts and their hopes in landslide numbers on November 3rd are now slowly rising to their feet across the United States, when all hope seemed lost.

Many of us are cheering Trump on because we’ve all got skin in the game – Communism, Tyranny & Technocracy is sweeping across Europe, disguised today as Climate Change, Covid-Lockdowns and their (not-so-great) ‘Reset’

He’s not perfect, and he’s not a thoroughbred, but when the chips are down and the odds are stacked against him, Trump just never gives up. He keeps going, doing the right thing, and making a positive difference in a world of perpetual wars, human, child and drug trafficking, and cynical political graft and corruption across the Western world. This is why the establishment everywhere hates him. And this is why so many love the man….continued below...

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With credible court filings in each of the six crucial swing states, recounts ongoing in Wisconsin & elsewhere, and widespread and provable instances of breathtaking voter fraud countrywide….Trump is coming round the final election bend like a freight-train……. and only a fool would bet against him now.


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