Anthony Fauci & the long covid con…

Anthony Fauci’s duplicity has been further exposed in recent days, and his actions as the world’s most high profile Coronavirus Nazi should be documented. His leading moves were mirrored by the leaders of various global health services who enthusiastically committed crimes against humanity because of blackmail, corruption, or plain old political psychopathy.

Be it Ireland’s criminal Health czar Tony Holohan, or our corrupt Health minister Stephen Donnelly, Australia’s Dictator Dan, or the UK’s Matt Hancock and his morlock sidekick Chris Whitty of SAGE, or the corrupt Irish scumbag Michael Ryan who led the lies from the Chinese-owned World ‘Health organisation…they all knew exactly what they were doing and the damage lockdowns & mask-mandates would cause.


Marco Rubio is a Cuban-American United States Senator for Florida

For brainwashed leftists who will dismiss Cuban-American Rubio because he is Republican, here are two prominent African American’s saying the same thing

Like all Government Health ‘experts’, Fauci’s “expertise” is in bureaucracy, not science. Big Government bureaucracy is always bad – Ireland is drowning because of it, just like Democratic states in the US

Fauci says he altered public scientific estimates based on opinion polls

Fauci was involved in patenting the Crown (Corona) virus in 2003

Fauci, like Irish & UK Health Service Criminals Holohan, Hancock & Donnelly and corrupt Pharma operatives like Luke O’Neill, knew that Masks were useless against Viral Spread from Day one.

They needed masks to be a physical representation of a pandemic that does not exist anywhere else in reality – not on paper, not in hospitals, and not in your neighbourhood. We showed you what the CDC released in February on masks here – they do not prevent viral spread – Governments and corrupt bureaucrats like Fauci, Hancock, Holohan and others knew this.

Last week, a New Study of 10 Million Chinese Found that Asymptomatic Spread Never Existed, and the Irish or UK media refuse to discuss it. They accepted everything CCP Orwellian police state China said without question since January, but they won’t report this.

What was Covid all about?

In the coming months you will see nations around the world gradually rolling back their Covid-naziism. But they can’t do it too fast. Fauci’s carefully curated admissions are part of the new narrative being created – ‘we made mistakes – mea culpa – we didn’t know what we were dealing with and it was new, please forgive us’.

The entire Covid psychological war was orchestrated by a select few global controllers with links to the biggest drug-dealers of them all – the pharmaceutical industry. The same families own all pharma since the 1800’s. They’re simply a well-spoken mafia (see the Wellcome/Astra-zeneca link below and our Mother & Baby Homes report for more context on that).

Their staff knew the fix was in and spent a decade or more putting the right pieces in place – the right payoff here, the right pictures of that politican there…the right research grant given here etc.

They had run a number of rehearsals and made some money on government-funded vaccine rollouts – the Swine & Avian Flu scams are examples. They invest in the fear, and are always poised and ready to offer the vaccine solution for profit. It’s really so simple – most people can’t see it because of the long time-frames required.

It really took very little to get things going – a few seizure videos from CCP controlled Wuhan; people like ABC Jon Williams in Irish television station RTE controlling the morons who read the news; tell the world that elderly mortally sick people dying of flu in an underfunded Italian health service was something to worry about; tell people they might kill their granny if they don’t pay attention; shut the economy down out of fear so the advertising-dependent print media now depends on the prolonging of the Covid-story to stay in business; make heroes out of dancing nurses who lapped it up; and shut down the hospitals for fear of contagion. It was quite brilliant, and all made up. They made a lie so big no one would believe it was a lie because… well, how could they conspire to control something so large? Except it actually didn’t require a large conspiracy for successful execution.

The true unwitting heroes of the Covid-scam were the people in our communities who think they’re smarter than everyone else. Rubio & Rickarts referenced them above in their tweets. They are the most easily controlled of all humans, and their misplaced belief in their own abilities and their conviction that most people are stupid drove this crisis from day one.

Handed their lines, these clowns leapt enthusiastically into lecturing us about social distancing and masks – responses that have zero basis in actual science. This is called the Dunning-Kreuger effect – and Ireland is full of these people. Here’s an example of a fear-mongering Dunning-kreuger-afflicted Irish midwit, Doctor Catherine Motherway, in March 2020. She told us to treat each other as pariahs.

These are those awful people who generally make it to upper middle-management within large organisations (particularly government bureaucracies) because they crave power, are well-connected, and because they know just enough to work the system. They are closely related to the midwit – another tv-informed idiot essential for the Covid-scam to succeed. For-profit university systems giving out degrees willy-nilly contributed to our world of too many people thinking they’re smarter than they actually are. These people fuel the myth that we must bow to credentialled experts like the corrupt Luke ‘I’m a scientist!’ O’Neill, because they need to give meaning to their own supposed expertise in whatever they studied while on the piss for four years.

Covid was a long planned pharma-scam envisioned for roughly a decade, see Fauci’s Covid patent-exposé above. These crises are manufactured to create fear, control populations, and to sell unnecessary vaccines. Vaccines are big business – all pharma companies get legal indemnity (no liability for health damage caused) so they can put what they like in them. Perfect vehicles for free human experimentation if you think about it – just sit back and watch how the new stuff plays out on idiots who volunteer, then choose future profitable research-directions. The jury is out on whether vaccines are indeed population-reduction tools, but with central figures being known eugenicists, the circumstantial evidence is strong. Many of the Developers of the lauded Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine have deep and verifiable ties to the UK (Crown) Eugenics Movement.

When Donald Trump unexpectantly overcame Hillary Clinton’s voter fraud attempts in 2016, this set in motion a much more virulent exploitation of a pre-planned crisis. Trump was turning off the financial taps in Europe and China – both regions have been leeching off the United States’ economy for decades. If he were to be re-elected, 30%+ of US white-collar service jobs currently based in Europe could potentially disappear back to America within a year thanks to Trump’s America-first policies. China’s 1.3 billion people would lose the offshored US manufacturing jobs that had been keeping the country afloat (offshored by corrupt US CEO’s seeking share-price boosts and buybacks, and by politicians who took Chinese investment money to sell out their own people).

We have illustrated this point several times by highlighting the fact that over 75% of Irish exports are now made up of the Pharmaceutical industry. Over 50,000 jobs in an economy of four million people, hundreds of thousands more jobs downstream. 90% of the drugs they manufacture are made by American companies selling drugs back into the United states. This is the context crucial to understanding why Irish politicians and other European ‘elites’ have destroyed their local economies, besides the fact that many of them have been willingly bribed or blackmailed with photographs by Chinese or Pharmaceutical (UK Crown) interests. That, or they’re simply ideological communo-fascists.

If Trump were to be re-elected and repatriate those American jobs – in Finance, Pharma and elsewhere – mismanaged stagnant EU-ponzi-scheme economies would be devastated. So the planned Covid-19 vaccine scam was re-purposed as a ‘one-we-prepared-earlier’ tool to help destroy the US economy in the short term, cutting the legs off what they (wrongly) believed was the source of Trump’s power – his successful management of the US economy.

There are other goals at play (see Schwab’s neo-feudal great reset and mind-control victim Bill Gates’s messiah-complex) and other nefarious actors simply trying to cash in, but this is the essence of Covid-19.

Some people in high places knew exactly what was going on. Many bureaucrats who weren’t initially in on the scam saw an opportunity to virtue signal and increase their power.

Chinese/Pharma owned media companies, staffed by ideological fanatics at the top and the idiots reading the news at the bottom all did the rest, by traumatising their populations with fear and making the lie real.

Now they’re all teasing out the lie for damage control and to save face (semi-innocent Dunning-Kreuger victims can’t admit they were wrong), to coverup their earlier lies, and to hedge against the slim possibility of future prosecutions for high-crimes.

Covid was a long con that Hidden-Hand Fauci was a part of from the start.

Digesting that these people think in decades is the first step to understanding the filth we allow govern us.


Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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