You Are At War. Why Not Fight It On Your Own Terms?

I’ve been suffering writers-block for the past week. I realised today that it’s not so much for the lack of inspiration but because of the overwhelming amount of stimulation lately in my ‘right and wrong’ glands. Paralysis comes to us all at times, in this case it came because there’s just so much going on right now it’s difficult to know where to start. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed the moment you open telegram or have a quick scan of the real news.

You-are-at-war fight it on your own terms

So many contrived situations everywhere, with reality being deliberately turned on its head by TPTB (The Powers That Be), as they crank up the spinning wheel they have us all breaking our hearts on, wondering when we’ll ever get a break from the madness. The opposite of ‘the right thing‘ is being done by the people ‘in charge’, far more this year by comparison to recent years. And it’s all designed to push us face down and despondent into the mess at the bottom of our cages.

Take a few of today’s bizarro-world factual stories for example. We had the insane idea of vaccine passports up for a vote in the European undemocratic parliament at 11am. The idea incredibly passed the vote for fast tracking (vaccine passports will not ultimately happen – it’s just more bullshit to keep you spinning on your wheel, but it’s still hard to ignore). They don’t seem to mind that vaccine passports violate the Geneva convention (we are at war) or the EU charter of human rights, or the Nuremburg code, or natural law.

We also have an actual movie happening in US politics, where the guy in charge is either a robot or an actor with different facial features to the racist who used to work in the US congress. The new guy has full blown Alzheimer’s (or is acting like he has), has invited the whole of South America to cross the border, and just laughs like a maniac if a reporter asks him a question.

We have an accumulation of seriously bizarre happenings in Australia, where sex abuse scandals are raging, half the country is under water, politicians have been caught masturbating on colleagues’ desks, and Dictator Dan and other Covid Nazis of vicious Victoria lockdown-fame have had strange medical accidents and been taken completely off the stage in recent days. If you don’t think this sexual abuse isn’t happening in a parliament near you, I’m jealous of your innocence.

The Suez Canal has also been blocked by an Evergreen container ship, a shipping line widely believed to be the central ferry service for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s trafficking network (and not just because her Secret service call sign was ‘Evergreen’ under America-hating Barry Soetero’s administration – his Secret Service call-sign was Renegade). The call sign for the ship gumming up the works is also H3RC (scroll to vessel information). H.R.C….Is it a message to the cabal to stop flooding the border with migrants? Something else? Who knows.

But even if we may never know, when you know you know right? I’ve no time to take you down that rabbit-hole – we may never know the extent of the battle going on behind the scenes but it’s great to know (or hope) that it’s not all one way traffick.

All that is before you get out of bed and remember that the entire establishment has been lying incessantly about Covid and masks and lockdowns and vaccines… for over a year now. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

I also had malingering hopes that the Hospital beds FOI report released last week, that proves St. James’s hospital in Ireland killed old people through medical negligence would make some kind of mainstream impact (because it has such absolutely massive implications). In many ways that hope sums up the message of this entire piece because it was that wasteful & delusional hope that contributed to my recent writing hiatus, because i was irrationally disappointed that I didn’t see any goodness from our mortal enemies and captors in the media and body politic. The fact is, no one is coming to save us and our abusers are never going to stop abusing us until we crush them. Prevent destructive disappointment by reminding yourself of these facts daily!

Many of us know that the real pandemic is the unending tidal wave of reality-inverting nonsense they throw at us every day. We know almost all of their nonsense is a deliberate tactic to discombobulate us, and make us give up and beg for it to be over. Yet we still let their lies in sometimes. Unless we devote some personal time to deciding how we deal with the avalanche of daily manufactured problems we face since they opened up the abyss in 2020, they (the filth that rule us) will always hold the upper hand because we will always be reacting to their latest battle manoeuvres.

“What pile of shit will we throw at the plebs today to keep them distracted from the rape of the nation” says Joe Duffy to John Williams at the daily RTE morning briefing….”Umm…How about murder hornets …and food shortages Joe?”…”Oooh, good one Boss… don’t forget to send me more of those pictures later and a few more doses of adrenochrome” says Joe.

We can’t win this war if we’re constantly reacting to fear porn and always on the back foot, fighting on their terms.

We Are At War

Coming back to first principles, the first step is to acknowledge that you are in an actual war. They’re killing your compatriots in nursing homes and in box rooms and sheds on the end of a rope around the country. They are deliberately causing the untold suffering of millions of your people through a massive engineered lie that plays on their fears and good natures to protect their own. They are killing people, we gave you more proof last week. They are waging a full on psychological and physical war on you. Accept it. Revel in it, you have no choice.

The greatest generation had it in world war two (six years of hell and uncertainty), the Vietnam generation had to deal with it and the spectre of nuclear war, and the ‘War on Terror’ – which was the war of Governments on their own people – was the opening skirmish of the hot war we now find ourselves in. Accept that you are at war, and you establish a solid foundation from which to work from. They do not want you to know they are at war with you. Simply knowing this is a victory. Every successful war is made up of a million little victories.

Those people staring at you in the Supermarket when you wear no mask – treat them as enemy combatants who would rat you out to keep the peace (in their own heads where the battle is really raging). Politicians and Government ministers you once voted for: compromised intelligence operatives working for the enemy. The Mainstream liberal media: captured enemy propaganda sites dropping digital leaflets promising a better world under your new occupiers. These people are at war with you and your family, whether intentionally or via decades of successful brainwashing. When you accept it you can start banking that energy that was draining out through wasteful frustration and despair and wishful thinking. Awareness of war is taking longer than it did in World War Two because no one has dropped any bombs yet.

In the name of the virus was a movie I made to illustrate the overall battle plan for compromised Governments and the Corporate entities that own them – be they corporate political ideologies like Technocracy, Communism, or plan old Corporate fascism. Political Ideologies are nothing more than money making control schemes. It really doesn’t matter how our ‘leaders’ were compromised – through money or blackmail (using pictures of them with young children) or through simple psychopathy. Just accept you are dealing with the enemy of humanity every time you see or hear a Government spokesperson open their mouth. Nourish your frontal lobe with the soothing brain-balm of certainty, by manifesting this reality and acknowledging it for yourself. Liberate your weary brain cells from the torture of uncertainty.

What would you do if Chinese or UN tanks were rolling down the street announcing mass mandatory vaccinations and a new world order?

You would stop wasting time on forlorn hopes, that’s for sure. You’d either give up or fight. If you didn’t pick up a weapon, you’d do your own little bit – harbouring the resistance, helping forge vaccination certificates, or clandestinely working on the inside of their machine to hobble it and ultimately derail it. You’d fight little battles in the wider war that would ultimately lead us all to victory. Occupying armies always lose.

And that’s really the key to this tiny, small victory I’m writing here right now. Every little bit helps, and we’ll win in the end.

Don’t get overwhelmed simply by letting go of wasteful hope that your abusers are going to start going easy on you. Be realistic. Be positive on group chats, remind people not to let fear drain their energy, actively listen to people in despair and give them the perspective of the bigger picture. Help them accept their situation so they can better cope with the undeniable crimes against humanity occurring all around us.

If they then go on to organise a protest, or write encouraging words somewhere, or spread the truth on the Covid scamdemic, what is that if not a little victory in the battle of Good versus evil? Re-allocate your energy to create guerrilla raids of your own and take the propaganda battle to the enemy – create thought provoking protests or supermarket maskless flash mobs – if you wake one oxygen deprived shopper up you have a victory to savour. Stop playing-whack-a-mole, constantly reacting every crazy press release they co-ordinate across the compromised criminal media.

The only limit to fighting this massive battle on your terms is the limits of your own imagination. The world is what you make it because nothing that happens actually exists outside of your own consciousness. In that fact is a power most of us just can’t handle yet.

Our species is once again being invigorated into an appreciation of the difference between freedom and enslavement, it just takes time. Some of us had a major head start because we knew of the banking cartels and the truth of 9/11 (that the official report was a down-right lie). I stood in New York City watching the second tower fall and it still took me seven years to register what had actually happened. A couple of moderately depressed years followed, as all was revealed and I realised that literally the entire shit-show they present us with is nothing more than a trick of the light.

So imagine how all those brainwashed zombies feel right now as their entire trust system (politicians, police, media, the system itself) starts to crumble all around them? Have sympathy for them, and don’t take their ignorance personally. They’re grieving for their lost utopia where critical thinking was completely outsourced, and where the world they saw in front of them had no subtext. This is why our war will take time to win – the minds of the sheep are occupied by their enemies and they haven’t realised it yet – probably because they can’t see the tanks on the street or the dogfights in the sky. We can’t abandon them, just as we can’t abandon a dying person at the side of the road. The people wearing masks and scrubbing their hands incessantly have been SICKENED IN THE HEAD BY POLITICAL, PHARMA AND NEWS-MEDIA MONSTERS. They need our help. The truth we share will cure them, some need more medicine than others.

And while the current military occupation of the collective mind is succeeding (for now), each victory of TPTB brings them closer to ruin. Their constant contradictory and nonsensical Covid-advice will be the death of them. Take their latest nonsense, that injecting mRNA vaccines into your penis is the way to go. That definitely woke up a few sleeping lads and made them stand up to attention. In my opinion some of these outlandish statements are being created deliberately by kind souls to wake people up, but that’s another discussion entirely.

The phrase ‘A Pyrrhic victory‘ comes from King Pyrrhus of Epirus, whose army suffered irreplaceable casualties in defeating the Romans at the Battle of Heraclea in 280 BC, and the Battle of Asculum in 279 BC. The middle-platonic philosopher Plutarch summed the situation up perfectly when he said:

“If we are victorious in one more battle with the Romans, we shall be utterly ruined”.

Every new crazy lockdown rationale or vaccine passport announcement inflicts huge losses on the armies marshalled against us. Their entire house of cards is crumbling.

While there are currently two populations living parallel lives and realities, the beautiful thing is that almost all of humanity has been well primed to recognise the evil being perpetrated on us all and to act accordingly. With predictive programming via media most definitely being a thing, it’s easy to think everything and everyone with power in the world is bad.

There’s plenty of good people behind the scenes, something that’s easily forgotten. What were George Orwell and JRR Tolkien if not the ultimate predictive programmers: advocates for always remembering how close we send ourselves to the precipice through ignorance. As Rapping Ronnie Reagan said, ‘Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction’. He was right. This is something the vast majority of people ignored for many decades in Ireland, encouraged by forces who would drink-addle and corrupt our race to ultimately lead us to ruin and renewed servitude to the cabalistic crown across the water (in truth, they never left us). We are currently ruled by our inferiors because we allowed ourselves to be consumed by the quest for money, consumer culture, the (english) football, or the pub, or whatever other shit they fed us. The psychopaths crept in the back door and now the place is riddled with them.

Back to predictive programming, take Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings as examples – if you haven’t seen that lately watch it again with today’s battle in mind. When it looks like everything is going to shit, and the rulers of men are brainwashed and consumed under the spell of pure evil…things still generally turn out well because ordinary people get their shit together.

At the end of Lord of the Rings, who is it that saves the world at the last minute when all looks lost? Is it the rescue-rider white Wizard Gandalf, on a pegasus named Shadowfax, resplendent in a Daz-doorstep-challenge-winning white robe? Or is it the rugged returning regent Aragorn, who has all the birds chasing him and a brand new sword to wave at them? It is neither.

In the end, two gay midgets with hairy feet and a scantily clad junkie with a combover end up kicking arse for the Lord.

Point is, we all have our part to play no matter how anonymous we have been made to feel. Good always wins in the end because people like us never give up and we stay positive, faithful and resolute when all looks lost.

We are almost certainly now reaching a critical mass of consciousness. None of your efforts have been in vain.

#Justsayno to the fear and the scaremongering and take a higher path. Not sharing every single scare story about nonsensical vaccine passports or food shortages or the rest of the madness is critical. Yes, those things are important, but be aware that our miseries love nothing better than company – keep things positive online and stop reacting to their moves. If you do share them, then ridicule them just as they ridicule us. Use their weapons against them. For the love of God stop firing links into groups that go to soul-destroying stories without putting some kind of a spin on them first, to lessen the pain for people. It all adds up in the energy battle for middle earth.

This all might take another year or two (remember, you are at war, and no one is coming to save you), but we’ll get there in the end. Devote what finite energies you have in your life to fighting the war on your terms. Let’s stop reacting to their war plan and start pressing our clear advantage home to victory.

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