Luke O’Neill The Vaccine Man Doorstepped And Caught Rapid…

Quick comic hit on Luke O’Neill the vaccine man. You may remember Luke O’Neill from such classic Irish Government disinformation networks as RTE, and Denis O’Brien’s Newstalk. He’s never off either of them.

Ladies and gentlemen…..we Got him!

You’ll notice Luke doesn’t seem too bothered about masks…Yet he has been telling the Irish nation to wear scientifically useless masks for over 9 months, unnecessarily smothering the life out of our people and our elderly citizens to create fear to sell vaccines. Luke is a dangerous white collar con man.

Two new independent Irish media organisations, The Irish Inquiry & HelloIrlandia, caught him dead to rights. As they say in Dublin, O’Neill has been ‘caught rapid’… (that’s pronounced COHT’ RAPAAH!! for south-siders).

The sooner this pseudo-scientific grifter is exposed to the Irish people & the world, the better. We do not need a vaccine for a virus with a 99.98% recovery rate. For background, here’s our piece on Luke O’Neill from last month that has now had over 22,000 reads. The gotcha is above (share it up), then full interview from the Irish Inquiry & HelloIrlandia is below.

Here’s the full five minute interview released yesterday, with over 11,500 views so far. Every Irish person needs to see this – their taxes are paying him to appear and lobby for the pharmaceutical industry on the Irish state disinformation network, RTE. Along with shed-dweller, disinformation artist, and pharma lobbyist, RTE presenter Claire Byrne.

Dr Nick, Doorstepped

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Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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Michael J. Sullivan

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