PCR Tests Are A Total Scam: World Health Organisation Finally Admits It…

In almost every article we have written since our inception, Freepress.ie has highlighted and explained how everything associated with Covid is a scam and a lie. You can check our Covid-19 news section in particular for confirmation of that.

We also exposed how Covid was being used by various Governments around the world – particularly governments of the EU and China – as a catalyst to help remove Donald Trump. We showed you how Trump would have taken back 30%+ of Europe’s economy had he remained in office, and how the CCP’s economic & political position would have become untenable had he remained in office.

It therefore came as no surprise to us that on January 20th, the day of the Joe Xiden’s illegitimate inauguration after his fraudulent election victory, the World Health Organisation dropped a short but massive communique on their website.

The WHO now state that a positive result is not by itself an indication of infection, and that a 2nd test along with a clinical diagnosis is required. We predicted that this would happen three weeks ago in the second part our article about Anthony Fauci’s long covid con.

This tweet links to the WHO website, and here’s a direct link – see the release for yourself. (NOTE: this link has been meddled with by the WHO, see the update below). Share with brainwashed friends and family. We also explain the release in the image below.


Explaining the WHO advisory

Here we screenshot the release and explain the meaning behind the medical speak. If you click on the image you will get the media file for sharing.

The corrupt WHO officially releases what it knew from day one

The WHO, an organisation which we showed you is wholly owned by CCP China, have known this about PCR tests since the Covid scam was first unleashed on the world in January.

While their release is still lies (PCR tests are not designed for clinical diagnosis so a second test will make no difference anyway, as per the inventor of the test Kary Mullins), it is a massive admission that the PCR test, upon which every lie about lockdowns and vaccines has been built, is a complete lie.

The PCR tests are a lie, the vaccines are a lie, and the masks are a lie. The same rock solid science about PCR test uselessness exists to show masks and vaccines are also useless and likely dangerous. PCR tests have caused lockdowns which have caused suicides, and missed disease screenings. Therefore, fraudulent PCR tests are weapons of mass destruction.

Governments and medical advisory bodies like Ireland’s NPHET, the US CDC, and SAGE in the UK, are criminally liable for millions of missed cancer screenings, heart disease screenings, and suicides around the world – because these ‘people’ have known all along that PCR tests are meaningless.

They should all be tried for crimes against humanity. These ‘people’ – your politicians and the unelected bureaucrats they outsource health policy to, are pure psychopaths.

Remember when you used to know all that? Before they began waging high-intensity psychological war on you in January 2020, using the same corrupt mainstream news-media that you also once hated?

Update: Within just 24 hours the World Health Organisation took down the page that we based this article on. If you go through the link below to their website, you’ll see that they have taken it down. However, there is an archived version of the page available here (web archives crawl the web and save pages periodically, they are amazingly useful tools). Our advice is to read the article, then confirm via the archive link. And save the page for your yourself because they could try get the archive scrubbed there too. Bizarrely, Google’s archive has scrubbed all record of the page already, despite the fact the page has been regularly updated by the WHO for over a month. You can see another archive service has archived the page multiple times since the start of January but they are missing the crucial Jan 20th and 21st dates.

Update addition: One of our sharp-eyed researchers spotted that the WHO have moved the release to another page here (the one we have in the article above), which says that they released this on January 13th. If you compare that to the archive from above (this one) you can see it was released on the 20th and not the 13th . It seems that the WHO wants to seem like they didn’t release this on Presidential inauguration day (the 20th) to bury it in the news cycle.

20th was the WHO release date.

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