Level 5 lockdown – Four reasons why NPHET want it…

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.

Updated October 16th –

Sunday night, the 4th of October. The Knights of NPHET characteristically dropped another bombshell on an unsuspecting Irish public. NPHET are to Ireland, what SAGE are to the UK. Deep state Pharma operatives essentially, running a vaccine racket. We explained the hard Irish economic numbers that back this assertion here. Let us explain.

NPHET are supposed to be Ireland’s National Public Health Emergency Team, set up in response to the Coronavirus scare as a subsidiary of Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE). They have now recommended that the country go to level 5 full lockdowns from the current level three.

Very few people are sick anymore, or dying, by their own figures. The pcr tests are publicly acknowledged to be deeply unreliable.

NPHET and the small cabal of government ministers who have outsourced the management of our country to them, want to ramp up their trampling of our constitutional and human rights to a full tyrannical & unscientific lockdown.

Why is this is happening:

1. More people are now questioning the narrative, so NPHET cannot wait for flu season to execute their endgame
2. NPHET have been wrong from the start and need to cover up their previous mistakes/lies because individuals can be held personally liable for deaths under Irish law
3. Pharma makes up 60%+ of Ireland’s exports, which buys influence – the pharma industry needs vaccine programs to stave off bankruptcies
4. NPHET operatives have been promised more pharma research money, and/or continuing fame in the media spotlight. NPHET’s bunker-dwellers do not want to go back to windowless-labs, and relative obscurity.

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  1. More people are now questioning the narrative, so they have had to bring forward their timetabled fearmongering. The Irish people are slowly blinking awake. They’re asking questions like ‘What do case numbers actually mean when no one is sick? What about all the missed cancer screening and heart-disease and every other kind of screenings that are closed because of a virus that is not causing any hospitalisations (now that they cannot fudge the numbers as easily).

    You’re asking – How is that ‘safe’? And what about suicides? Rising levels of molestation? Sex abuse? Physical domestic abuse? Lost jobs?

    Even mainstream TD’s are now asking questions – better late than never. NPHET had planned to do this further into FLU season. NPHET have had to speed up their vaccine timetable thanks to the widespread questioning of their pseudoscience, and street protests in Dublin and abroad. Over 1 million people have marched in Canada and Berlin. You will not hear much about it from the Irish mainstream media, because they are now depending on Covid-ad money to stay in business.

  2. NPHET have been wrong from the start (knowingly – they had access to the same data Sweden and Denmark and South Dakota did), and they have to keep lying now to cover their lies and mistakes. Many of our readers know that the Irish nursing home cull happened while they had statistical knowledge of the only people vulnerable to Covid. Our laws allow for personal liability when it comes to these decisions. The knights of NPHET know they are open to manslaughter charges, or worse.

  3. Pharma makes up 60%+ of Ireland’s exports.

    “Pharma exports account for about 60 per cent of total Irish goods exports, worth over €70 billion a year”, according to the covid-ad money funded Irish times here

    That’s a great deal of influence at Ministerial level; a lot of jobs; a lot of income tax revenue for the government; a lot of the jobs that are propping up the overinflated property market. The portfolios of the Irish TD landlord-class and the property-developers that back our three main political parties are in real danger if pharma collapses.

    The pharma industry is also reeling from the Opioid crisis lawsuits in the US. Mallinckrodt, a company with a large presence in Ireland, is coming to the end of a $1.6 billion dollar deal for admission of liability, and there’s more to come. These cases are just coming and coming. for most of big pharma.

    The pharmaceutical industry absolutely NEED a wide/mandatory vaccination program globally to stave off bankruptcy, in many individual business cases.

    If the fear level is at fever pitch in Ireland, government funded vaccine-programs will be politically acceptable, despite the lessons we learned with the ongoing swine-flu lawsuits here in Ireland (that the Irish government took on full liability for). It does not matter to them if this virus is not dangerous. You know how the rest of this story could go.

    As you can see, there are many conflicts of interest in the Irish government on this issue.

  4. NPHET operatives have been promised pharma research money, and a continuing spot in the camera limelight and a seat at the top table of any mandatory vaccine program in Ireland. They are part of an agency captured by big pharma, for reasons explained above.

    The HSE has been caught in several scandals recently and a few are bubbling under the surface in relations to organs and prescription drugs. They have let Irish elderly people rot on hospital trolleys for decades, and left children waiting for life-changing operations. If they are not acting in the interests of the Irish people, then in whose interests are they acting?

    The men from NPHET presided over the Cervical cancer scandal. These men who are being wheeled out on national television, have known links to pharma research money, and you can be 100% sure they have been promised more research money permanently, and a place in the television limelight. These men are deeply compromised at a fundamental level, as we explained here.

    We can say this openly, because we have the science and the facts on Covid-19, that are cast iron solid if ever examined in court. NPHET have knowingly misrepresented all of the facts for 8 months. They are now desperately running for cover because they are possibly legally liable for many deaths.

    If you’re still in doubt that this has all morphed into an opportunistic Pharma-scam at this point, ask yourself:

If masks work, why are cases going up? Doesn’t make sense does it? And why are hospitals not now full of non mask wearers? Think. Engage.

We published official science from the CDC that shows masks are next to useless against viruses. Please read it, it is the truth – and long established science.

So why are we locking down the country and still destroying our economy based on pcr-test cases when no one is sick? Now you know why

We all have viruses in our bodies, all kinds. They mostly do not make us sick – we live with them every day. For example, 95% of the population have the Herpes 1 virus in their bodies (cold sores). Most of us have Staph bacteria on us, or will test positive for influenza even if we don’t show symptoms. They have paralysed a nation with fear, using lies. With fear, control comes easier.

Please, share this and help stop these compromised pharma operatives from causing more missed cancer diagnoses, suicides etc. by keeping our healthcare system shut. Stop them from destroying what is left of our economy and our mental health. Let us demand accountability for the nursing home deaths. Please get vocal, help other people to speak. So many of us are afraid to talk. Be brave.

NPHET are completely out of control. They are an industry-captured and compromised state agency.
nphet lockdowns covid knights
And for anyone who didn’t get the Knights of NPHET reference…
Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

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Rick Gagliano
Rick Gagliano
5 October 2020 2:50 pm

Absolutely SPOT ON. I’ve been coving the virus scam in America on and off in my financial blog, Money Daily. The link will take you to the most current article. From there you can look back at previous articles.

Prepare for the worst, because that’s what the elites have planned for us. Big Pharma execs and Bill Gates should be behind bars.

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