Fact check: Did Pfizer Scientists Say ‘Natural Immunity Is Better Than Covid Vaccines?’

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.

On October 4th 2021, the US independent investigative journalism outlet ProjectVeritas released an undercover recording involving three vaccine-scientists from Pfizer pharmaceuticals. The video has had over 1.5 millions views on YouTube, over one million cumulative views on their Telegram channel, and over four hundred thousand views on Twitter.

Given the context of the recent push by the Irish and UK governments to vaccinate children, and given the fact that the World Health Organisation has said conclusively that children are not at risk from Covid, and that symptomless-spread does not occur, these undercover interviews, if proven real, will have major ramifications for Irish politicians, Irish media organisations, and Irish health department employees.

All three pillars of the Irish establishment have relentlessly advocated for the use of Pfizer MRNA vaccines this past eighteen months, many of which are still under an official experimental emergency use authorisation designation. Virtually all of the public personalities advocating for Pfizer vaccine use in Ireland are neither doctors nor vaccine scientists. Considering Pfizer is by far the most powerful player in the Covid Vaccine landscape, what their scientists have to say about the efficacy of their own vaccines is obviously relevant.


The Project Veritas Claim

Project Veritas claim that three Pfizer scientists admitted (paraphrasing from the video):

‘Your own antibodies after having Covid are better for you than the [COVID] vaccination, and they give you protection for longer’

‘Major antibody treatments were pushed to the side by industry-captured regulators simply because of Money – Pfizer is run on Covid money now’

‘The vaccines are causing Myocarditis in young people’

(Author’s note: Myocarditis has an average life expectancy following diagnosis of five years)

Nick Karl, Rahul Khandke & Chris Croce, reportedly Pfizer vaccine scientists.

If you haven’t seen the video, you can watch it here – we’ll examine the evidence further below.

The Evidence

Besides the arguably compelling video evidence above, we must ask whether these men are actual employees of Pfizer.

To answer this, the professional networking site Linkedin is useful for verifying employment histories. The site allows people to display an online version of their CVs, and it allows recruitment agencies and companies to contact members of the site directly and perform advanced searches for specific skills, for a fee of about 4500 euro per recruiter account. While memberships are not verified and anyone can create a profile, profile connections are usually the most dependable indicator of whether a profile is real or not.

Of the three Pfizer employees filmed in the undercover recording, only one now has a visible Linkedin profile.

Rahul Khandke, who detailed above how Pfizer says ‘you cannot talk about this stuff’ (referring to natural immunity and vaccine side-effects), currently has no visible Linkedin profile. He features less prominently in the video but he does corroborate the claims of the other two speakers.

Nick Karl, a scientist who is directly involved in the production of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, stated that ‘natural immunity is more effective than the vaccine he works on’ and produces at Pfizer. His profile has been deleted on the main site but an archive link on archive.today of Nick Karl’s profile exists here, from the day before the release of the ProjectVeritas video.

Internet archive links take snapshots of important parts of the web so that when things are deleted, we can still see them. The most popular archive site is The Wayback Machine, which you can find at archive.org.

The archive link to Nick Karl’s profile above says he has worked at Pfizer for three months. While this archived profile doesn’t prove anything, one would expect a potential faker to create a profile with a little more time at Pfizer than just three months. And one could also say that if ProjectVeritas wanted to make a fake video, they could have simply created a real profile for the man named Nick Karl in the video.

Chris Croce, the person who notably said ‘You’re protected for longer and better with your natural antibodies’ and that ‘Pfizer is run on Covid money’ still has his profile visible on Linkedin. There is also an archived link to his profile here if the original goes down. His Linkedin profile details how Mr. Croce has spent over three years at Pfizer. If you click his post history you will see that he has a long history of posting, going back at least two years. His posts also have comments and ‘likes’ from many other profiles purporting to be Pfizer staff.

Click an image, and swipe left and right to view the full gallery.

The likes and other Pfizer profiles interacting with this one makes it much more likely that this is indeed a real profile, and that Chris Croce is a real Pfizer vaccine scientist– anyone who wanted to verify that any of those staff members work at Pfizer could simply call up Pfizer HQ themselves to ask to speak to them, or to be put through to their voicemail. 

It is very unlikely that a person working on vaccines for Pfizer would have likes on their posts from other Pfizer employees in the same business area, if they weren’t a real person.

Why is this important?

The Irish people have been told by the Irish media and political establishment (all currently elected political parties, including Sinn Fein) that Covid is extremely dangerous and contagious. Yet Ireland’s hospitals were completely under-occupied throughout 2020, based on the HSE’s own verified data obtained through a Freedom of Information request by Freepress.ie.

And the overall mortality rate in 2020 was no different to previous years (according to the official Irish central statistics office, the CSO, there were 31,765 deaths in 2020, and 31,134 in 2019).

So where was the dangerous pandemic that the media and politicians told us about? A bit of a headscratcher right?

Deaths were almost the same in 2020 as 2019, per the CSO. Take a look on the CSO site yourself, it’s not fake.

Despite these two facts (half empty hospitals, no real increase in the death rate) the Irish public were told by the Irish establishment that they had to turn reality and common sense on its head just to survive.

The Irish Government told you to:

> Arbitrarily social distance based on no scientific reason;
> Close the economy and indebt your children for generations when Sweden kept theirs open with almost no problems, an approach based on actual science;
> Wear masks that restricted breathing for no good scientific reason;
> Shutter away your elderly to die in isolation based on no real science, given asymptomatic spread wasn’t actually an issue;
> Sensory deprive the nation’s children with the widespread use of scientifically questionable masks;
> Give up your constitutional freedoms of movement under lockdowns that no scientific basis, with zero peer-reviewed scientific studies to back the approach

Given that the Irish Government and NPHET, and the HSE’s own figures to date, outline that there have cumulatively been over 413,127 ‘cases’ in Ireland (cases based on PCR tests that the inventor of the test said are invalid for diagnosing illness), then natural immunity according to Pfizer’s own scientists, is widespread in this country thanks to naturally generated antibodies. And remember, this is just people who were actually tested, many people were not, so many more had Covid if it was out there.  

While these figures are completely unverified by any independent body and while we have no real detail on their source, let’s take them at face value for the purposes of this factcheck and consider what we have seen above in the video. According to the scientists who manufacture and develop and sell and test Covid vaccines, ALL of those test-positive people in Ireland do not need vaccines (even if they worked to stop Covid) as the natural immunity they have developed is far superior. So why are the Irish Government pushing them so hard?

And while the above link indicates that over seven million tests have been carried out, bear in mind that many occupations require almost daily testing. It stands to reason that those people who have refused the test so far (let’s say 20% of the population, but it’s likely far more) have also refused the vaccine and masking and other measures advised by the pharmaceutical-industry-linked NPHET.

If Covid is so contagious (and why else did we go through the hell of the past 18 months if it isn’t contagious?), then many of those demonised test-deniers have likely had Covid too. Which, according to our three scientists, means they ALSO require no vaccines.

The Data Deliberately Ignored

In March 2020 the Irish Government ignored Italian Government Covid data which showed conclusively that Covid only effected death in those suffering chronic illnesses, who were over the average life expectancy. These people were important, and should have been isolated with all resources devoted to them. While the Irish Government has let people rot on Trolleys for decades every Winter, they failed them once again here, ignoring the science and indebting the nation for generations after crippling the economy and spending billions on a Covid response that defied all science and good intent.

So many inexplicable things have happened since this all began. Perhaps the most baffling was the appointment of Stephen Donnelly to the position of health minister at the height of what we were told was the most dangerous health emergency in a century.

Donnelly was a man with zero experience of health but extensive verified links to lobbying for big pharma, and his bizarre and logic-defying appointment typified what was to come since the summer of 2020.

And every politician, from every sitting party besides Aontu, has supported the actions of the Irish Government.

None more so than Sinn Fein, who arguably exacerbated lockdowns and economic destruction by playing politics with people’s lives instead of using the statements by world health bodies as political capital to challenge the ruling troika. You may recall that the WHO advised AGAINST lockdowns, because they disproportionately affect disadvantaged groups, yet Sinn Fein still screamed for MORE lockdowns, as Mary Lou McDonald banged her shoe in the Dail, and made drama out of her Covid diagnosis to get her smirking face on an unquestioning RTE for weeks on end. As the ‘pandemic’ supposedly raged outside her front door.

Sinn Fein ran on an electoral ticket as protectors of the working classes, and yet the working classes suffered more than any other sector from long-term job destruction and income destruction in the last eighteen months. It is truly baffling that the left of Ireland have let them and other leftist parties away with it.

Why didn’t Sinn Fein use the WHO’s statements to challenge the Government while they were in controlled opposition? See second paragraph

The Covid-Funded Irish Media

It is also well known that media organisations were on their last legs financially prior to Covid. The Newspaper and TV business model was defunct, and papers like the Irish times and outlets like RTE were on their last legs. It is also well known that Covid has been a financial boon to these ‘news’ outlets. We wrote early last year about how it could be argued that from a financial perspective the Irish media may never want Covid to end. Perhaps that explains why Project Veritas’ leak has not been reported as front page/top of the broadcast news across the country, as it should be.

If what the Pfizer scientists say is true, and the hundreds of thousands of adverse side effects being reported on official UK, US, and EU health websites are accurate, then we are at the mouth waters of the greatest scandal in Irish history.

A river of pain is coming one way or another. For those affected by vaccines that weren’t adequately tested, and for those who supported Ireland’s ruinous trajectory in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence that was being offered by worldwide experts like John Ioannidis and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi. They simply asked Governments to ‘look at the science and the data’. But no talk was allowed, world-renowned expertise wasn’t even entertained by Ireland’s political underworld. It is no co-incidence that those scientists marginalised by the Western media since 2020 do not work for the Pharmaceutical industry that pays for the bulk of commercial ads on Western Newspapers and television channels.

Irish medical dissenters were silenced, struck off, hounded and persecuted. Called ‘Far right’ by an Irish Government and a media drunk on Covid-power, unwilling to follow the example set by Sweden, Japan, and over twenty four US states who never locked down, never had mask mandates and never ran vaccine programs.

And who are currently thriving.

Verdict: TRUE

Given the overwhelming level of dissent that has been shut down this past year, and the compelling video & Linkedin evidence presented above, we rate this claim as TRUE: Pfizer employees did say those things about their own vaccines, and their contentions dovetail with the assertions of countless brave and world-renowned experts that spoke out in the face of withering establishment fire this past year.

The choice here is a simple one. Choose to believe the vaccine makers and experts talking about their own product – or cling to the notion that Irish politicians with a long history of corruption and people on RTE & Newstalk with degrees in Communications from DCU know what’s good for you.

Frepress.ie, unlike the TheJournal.ie’s FactCheck wing, is NOT a signatory to the International Fact-Checking Network’s Code of Principles, which is politically biased and openly run by Facebook, per the Sky News Report linked. Facebook are currently under congressional investigation on October 4th.
Also unlike the journal.ie and the Irish times, Freepress.ie does not get most of its ad revenue from the Government to run Covid stories supporting the narratives that support big Pharma, who make up over 75% of Irish exports, and whose own scientists admitted above that we don’t need the vaccines Big Pharma and the Irish Government are selling incessantly. We have no ad revenue at all, so we have nothing to gain by lying to you or upholding a narrative.


Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

Absolutely sick of it.

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8 October 2021 9:08 pm

Their COVID narrative is falling apart with every passing day. Great article.

Padraig Coyle
Padraig Coyle
3 December 2021 11:38 pm

Hi Michael J Sullivan i have spent the last 10 minutes or so reading the best without doubt commentary of what has happened and is happening in Ireland up to this present time.
I like alot of other’s have know what was taken place here and have been very vocal about same.
It’s a War of Word’s.
It’s now the beginning of December and the pressure is being put on getting all are Children injected with Experimental Synthetic MRNA if they get the Children i think they will have won.
I am not a person to give up without a fight but the squeeze is on.
Check out Catherine Austin Fitts she is worth listening to.
Regards Padraig

Nadine M
Nadine M
8 October 2021 10:15 pm

If this is true, why aren’t the media covering it?

Though I’m struggling to find fault with your conclusions surely the government wouldn’t be pushing vaccines on kids if they were dangerous?

Adolf Baladbar
Adolf Baladbar
8 October 2021 11:54 pm
Reply to  Nadine M

Did you actually read the article ??? And you ask why main media aren’t covering it.
Also the article said this is an “experimental” vaccine.

Nadine M
Nadine M
9 October 2021 12:11 am
Reply to  Adolf Baladbar

Yes and yes I know,it’s just all quite difficult to digest that they’d lie so much

9 October 2021 8:18 am
Reply to  Nadine M

They, the msm,governments,the higher-ups in the medical industry,seem to be in the pocket of big pharma and the internationalist scumbags,who have wormed their people into the top jobs in these fields,the lower fruit from those trees are only speaking out now because they themselves are at risk of having to take these DNA altering poisons.Shameful,but small blessings are better than none,of course we would get bigger blessings if everyone came back to the Creator and ask forgiveness…this would still play out but maybe in a slightly quicker way.God cannot stop what is upon us,but He can shorten it.

24 December 2021 9:04 pm
Reply to  Nadine M

“They lie so much” It seems this and past Gov’s have had no option but to go along with the demands of the Elites/Deep state /Global financiers. Our politicians have walked the country into the hands of these dark forces, conceeding to past EU referenda’s. The country and its people got sold out, now its the end game.

9 October 2021 1:36 pm
Reply to  Nadine M

The government are doing what they are told to do by those that own big pharma and big tech and pretty much everything else. The eight shareholding groups (Vanguard, Blackrock, SSGA, Capital etc) that between them own the world, call the shots. Think about it, what amount of influence at the cabinet table do you think these powerful people have? If 60%+ of both our tax take and our exports are linked to big tech and pharma well surely you can see who is essentially in charge. Big pharma was going broke because of judgements made against it as a result of the opioid crisis and so they needed to be bailed out, cue the ‘vaccines’.

30 October 2021 10:23 am
Reply to  Nadine M

I’ve never heard of a political elite anywhere in the world that gave two flyin’ f’s about the people they serve. Also, governments are not in control of their own countries; they obey their overlords – the UN/Rothchilds/whoever. This ‘pandemic’ is a highly successful, pop-drop marketing campaign, the aim of which is to reduce the world’s population by 70pc or thereabouts. It has taken decades if not centuries to plan. It’s up to each of us to choose whether to wake up and face this, or stay asleep. It is dangerously naive to think that governments would not inject children with a substance that they know will sterilise and/or kill them. That is the whole point.

30 October 2021 10:11 am

Great article, as always, Michael, thank you. My comment isn’t related to this article, but I can’t find an email for you… I’ve been doing my own research about the transgendered people in Irish media, government, film, music, etc. I am horrified by how many there are and how little is known about this s4tanic inversion. People born into s4tanic families can be transgendered at a young age. Male to female is easy to spot; not so easy the other way round. It started when I found it nigh-on impossible to find a Hollywood A-lister ‘actress’ who had been born female. All I did was search online for each actress and added the word ‘bikini’ or ‘swimwear’. Blokes in bikinis is what I got, over and over. It goes back years too. Mrs Anonymous on Bitchute has exposed a load of these. For eg, most if not all former first ladies have been trannies going way back, as have many ‘queens’ throughout Europe. Men in tiaras, basically. Now I’m wondering how many ‘truthers’ out there are also transgendered, and are we being double-crossed. I have my suspicions. Michael, I’d love if you were planning on doing such an article. I could do research for you if you like. Contact me any time. Thanks again.

28 December 2021 10:19 pm
Reply to  Cathbab

Email is in the privacy policy 👍

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