Is There A Plot To Kill Leo Varadkar?

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The Current Political Landscape
Politician Neale Richmond Is Lying About Possible Suspects
Is Leo Varadkar a ‘White Hat’?
Sinn Fein’s Handlers Want Varadkar Dead
Big Pharma Definitely Want Varadkar Dead
Where Did the Intel Come From For A Credible Death Threat?
Varadkar’s Irish Lockdown Announcement in March 2020 – From Washington
A False Flag Is Definitely NOT What The Doctor Ordered

According to Irish Mainstream Media sources, there is currently an unspecified plot to kill Ireland’s former PM and current deputy head of Government Leo Varadkar. Government and Garda (Irish Police) sources say he is now under round the clock armed guard has also moved out of his home for safety reasons.

This story originally broke two weeks ago when an Irish legacy media outlet (the Irish Independent) reported on a credible threat to his life. (That link takes you to an archive page of the story – the Independent receives no ad revenue if you click it).

It isn’t clear exactly who wants Varadkar dead, or where the threat information came from. But Irish clown politicians and media are already busy doing what they do best – creating false narratives to deceive the Irish public.

Is there a Plot To Kill Leo Varadkar
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As the Independent’s initial story outlined, Varadkar has been subject to various death threats over the years – this is the first time he has been put under a full active threat-to-life protection.

The Current Political Landscape

Varadkar has been fighting a number of high-profile battles in recent months. He has been accused of corruption due to passing sensitive Government information to an industry friend.

He has also been publicly threatened in rhyme (this generally only happens in Ireland, on weekends) by Loyalist paramilitaries who reportedly hold him personally responsible for failed Brexit negotiations regarding Northern Ireland (despite the fact their own leader Arlene Foster signed off on the deal).

Varadkar has also been the public face of lockdown Ireland to those of us fighting the wider Covid lie, frequently acting as spokesperson for Covid-related announcements and the Irish Government’s ongoing crimes against humanity, being perpetrated under the guise of their pandemic lie.

In a follow-up report by the Independent yesterday, we were generously thrown three boogeymen as possible culprits for the death threats. Neale Richmond, Varadkar’s fellow Fine Gael party politician, minister for hot nonsense, and reigning world navel-gazing champion, was quoted yesterday with the following:

Witnesses to Richmond’s interview in the Independent’s Covid decontamination station reported that, having ticked all the woke pathetic progressive talking point boxes, Richmond proceeded to gaze heroically at his Navel for three more hours before trudging off despondently to Krispy Kreme’s.

So, we have the ‘far right’ (yawn); Loyalists in the North; and Racist/Homophobes in Ricardson’s imaginary terror-list. Richmond is well known for his attention-whoring faux sincerity, and many Irish readers will be familiar with him from his hammy ‘woe-is-me’ act during the years-long Brexit negotiations, where Neale proved to be as useful as a chocolate dildo in his stated remit of getting the best deal for Ireland.

Once you see the ‘far right’ mentioned anywhere in the Irish media your bullshit detector should start beeping. Ours certainly did.

There are conservatives and patriots and nationalists in Ireland in abundance, but there is no ‘far-right’, in the true sense of the word.

Except maybe these two lads (now deceased from self-administered cyanide poisoning).

There is no Far Right in Ireland. And the People know it.
Politician Neale Richmond Is Lying About Possible Suspects. Because Lying Is What He Does.

Richmond as usual was talking through his arse. There is no far right in Ireland (anyone with a brain knows this). This is simply a label that the Irish establishment has used to delegitimise those who opposed their tyrannical lockdown Narco State in the past year. It’s a term they use, much like ‘Conspiracy theorist’ or ‘Flat earther’, to ridicule and marginalise per Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals.

Conservative Ireland doesn’t want to kill anyone – the vast majority are Christians who want a better world for their children, an adherence to truth, and the removal of identity politics from political discourse.

Indeed, in what will come as a surprise to many, Varadkar has actually been extremely helpful to the anti-lockdown movement in Ireland. More on that below.

On to the Loyalists – the lads who wrote a threatening rhyme against Varadkar. On a wall. Historically those lads have basically been telling everyone how they’re going to kill everyone since well… forever. A dangerous bunch when their dander is up no doubt… but going after Varadkar with intent to kill or maim? I don’t think so. They know that Varadkar had zero to do with Johnson selling them out or Foster failing them – everything was decided by Johnson and the EU’s negotiating teams.

It’s also clear that elements of Arlene Foster’s support are trying to deflect political blame from her for presiding over the Irish sea border separation issue for Northern Ireland. For our many non-Irish readers, this element of the Brexit agreement is an issue for many loyalists because it creates a notional sea border between them and the crown mothership island across the Irish sea. If they only realised that the Irish Republic is still ruled by the crown hydra, there might be less hassle for everyone.

So that’s the Loyalists out of the way Neale – poorly rhyming Loyalist wall-art is not responsible for Leo Varadkar’s security detail going to Defcon 1.  

On to the Racists! Varadkar has been half Indian for ages, so why would he be getting racist death threats now? More bullshit.

Finally, we come to Neale Richmond’s imaginary gun-toting (far-right?) homophobes.

Varadkar has been out of the closet since 2015 Neale: anyone who ever had a beef against him for being gay has most likely come out of the closet themselves by now.

And there you have it. That’s how easy it is to show what a useless lying sack of shit Neale Richmond is.

So, now that we have firmly established that clown world politician Richmond is a gaslighting waste of space, and now that we’ve exposed the Irish Independent for being an agenda-led biased rag with zero journalistic integrity, we can get to figuring on what’s really occurring.

Is Leo Varadkar a ‘White Hat’?

Yes, that’s a genuine question, take your faces off stunned please and look at the video proof below. The idea that Varadkar is one of the good guys (and that you’re reading those words on this site) will shock many of our readers.

And yes, he has been hot on the death-jab vaccine recently which we completely oppose for obvious reasons. But it could be argued that at this stage of proceedings, if some people still don’t understand why we don’t need a risky untested organised crime syndicate vaccine, they arguably never will. So does it actually make a difference that Varadkar is giving a regular commentary on the inevitable? Probably not.

Before we look at the probable death threat suspect list, let’s look beyond Varadkar’s often annoying persona, and consider the fact he just might be one of the good guys.

Ask yourself: has the grossly corrupt Irish media gone after one other Irish politician since Covid1984 began, other than Varadkar? Has the corruption of any other politician been exposed despite the fact we know most of them are deeply compromised? Has the media asked one question of any other politician since this whole Covid lie started? No.

The very fact Varadkar has lost the support of the Covid-money funded media should tell you something. Varadkar was the bi-racial gay darling of the progressive woke media monstrosity gaslighting this country, yet Doctor Leo is suddenly having his dodgy dealings exposed. And now he’s on the end of credible death threats, highlighted by a friendly intel source.  

Most people would have put the story down to more cynical political spin by Fine Gael’s imported American (Democrat) political spin-doctors. Or manufactured news.

But if you examine his statements on Covid from an alternate perspective, you’ll see Varadkar has actually been waking up many of Hibernia’s sleeping people.  Let me explain.

A key hallmark of every Irish politician throughout the Covid lie has been short timeframes. ‘A few more weeks’ to slow the spread. ‘Hold fast for a month or two’. ‘The end is in sight’. ‘Two weeks to slow the spread’. See a pattern? From Stephen Donnelly to Boris Johnson to the demonic Michael Martin, a common thread has been short timeframes, keeping the public’s gaze off the bigger picture. We illustrated the Irish Government’s tactics in our short movie ‘In the Name Of The Virus’, demonstrating the psychological prison-style regime of give and take to mentally degrade our resistance to their lies, to get us to ultimately sign up for the experimental illness-causing vaccine and whatever version of freedom they gave us at the end of it all. They have been trying to break us, make no mistake.

Now take a look at Varadkar. Consider that he has been the only one going off script, and with a second glance it looks like far more than what on the face of it looks like ‘good cop/bad cop’ with the ghoul Micheal Martin.

Check out this video, Varadkar buts up against RTE host and pharma operative Claire Byrne, who has been pushing the insane talking points of mandatory quarantining, strict lockdowns and zero Covid from day one. Never forget this compromised halfwit pretended to have Covid in a live propaganda broadcast from her Garden shed in April of 2020. Byrne is an actual evil black witch, but that’s a story for another day.

Pay close attention to her whinging at the end of the clip like the bubonic plague-rat she is, blowing in favour of the nonsense of zero-covid. Notice Varadkar’s use of the words “Detention centres”: Harsh realistic language you don’t hear anywhere else.

Here Varadkar is clearly (for me) trying to wake people up, gently knocking on the skulls of the comatose sleeping masses. But many people missed it due to pre-existing biases against him personally.

Whether you like him or not, who else has said these things in Ireland from the Governing parties and health department since the lie began?

You can be sure the filth at RTE didn’t miss the significance of him going off script, nor did the pharmaceutical industry and the many Irish politicians they own.

We all know that the notion of ‘Zero Covid’ is a nonsense, just as everything else about Covid is: from quarantining healthy people, to needing an advertising campaign to tell people there’s a pandemic, it’s ALL hot nonsense with a sinister end goal.
You can’t have zero anything unless you have zero people, and the idea is simply an excuse for more tyranny, lockdowns, and pharma-technocracy to push perma-fear and control and ‘the new normal’.

Yes, Varadkar is part of the dangerous-vaccine messaging and other Covid-lies but he’s the only Irish Establishment figure telling the truth and trying to create some kind of hope and optimism.

Here is Varadkar in September of last year downplaying the threat of a deadly second wave, when pseudoscientific (and frankly evil) scaremongering was at fever pitch across every other establishment political party and mainstream media outlets:

And here’s Varadkar telling the truth that the Covid death-numbers were all lies in the same month last year:

Contrast that with the disgusting animal Gerry Killeen who represents the Irish Zero-Covid terrorists ISAG, deliberately lying when baselessly forecasting tens of thousands of deaths:

Now contrast Varadkar’s truthful words above about second waves last September, with those of Ireland’s Prime Minister, (A man who likely gave up one of his own children to join the cabal). I can’t stomach more than ten seconds listening to this monster but that’s all the time you’ll need to understand the scale of lying scum you’re dealing with in the current Irish Prime Minster.

Remember, Donald Trump refused to ever speak with Martin while the premierships of their respective countries intersected:

A neo-Ringwraith in need of an industrial-strength multipack exorcism

‘Almost 6200 of our friends, families and neighbours… have lost their lives to the disease’.  He says this when we all know from freedom of Information requests that at the time (October) less than 369 people had died ‘of Covid’ with no other identified co-morbidities.

Varadkar has been the only one in power telling the truth, and it’s very likely that this has painted a large target on his back for the same people who willingly murdered people in nursing homes across Ireland, Canada and the United States, and who continue to knowingly murder people in destructive unscientific lockdowns that have killed hundreds of thousands globally.

Intentional or not, Varadkar is directly interfering with the carefully choreographed Covid fear-programming that has successfully entranced the population using fear, guilt and junk-science – there’s no two ways about it.

It is very likely that Varadkar was identified as a definite wildcard by the establishment in the third quarter of 2020, when he started dropped the truth as shown above. And it looks like a decision was made to begin the process of hanging Varadkar in the media before possibly stepping things up a notch.

The man who leaked the WhatsApp text messages that began the popular #leotheleak twitter witch hunt saga was Chay Bowes. Gript have pointed out that Chay Bowes seems to be a supporter of far-left lockdown loving party Sinn Fein. You can make your own mind up on Bowes’ motivations from this piece by Gript last year. It was likely bitterness at being left out of a number of deals that led him to rat Varadkar out.

Or maybe he’s just a good citizen… and that was the first time ever that he seen something strange in Varadkar’s WhatsApp group.

Big Pharma Definitely Want Varadkar Dead

There are billions of euros at stake for Big Pharma who are now moving their bought and paid for media into phase two of the vaccine pitch – the existence new magical variants that require more and more new vaccines.

They’ve just won the corporate lotto again – they made up some chemical muck for a few months in a lab, they sold it to governments for billions, and they have zero legal liability if anything goes wrong (and the unnecessary vaccines are now killing people). Big Pharma want to keep cashing in on our stupidity as long as they can.

Varadkar is a major liability for the compromised traitors in Irish politics and the masonic civil service and senior ranks of the state police service, who are now too deep in the Covid lie to ever turn back.

If Varadkar fully wakes up the sleeping middle and upper classes to the nonsense of things like zero Covid and the truth of co-morbidities and everything else, he will be a major factor in breaking the spell that has been cast, and he may cost the British crown big pharma empire (and their associated subsidiary organised crime families, like the Mary Lou McDonalds of this world) billions.

Sinn Fein’s Handlers Want Varadkar Dead

Sinn Fein tabled a motion of no confidence in Varadkar last year around the same time as the leak revelations, despite conversely supporting everything the Varadkar government did on our unnecessary lockdowns and forced economic destruction.

Varadkar suddenly starts getting hanged by the uber-left Irish media who used to love him, and then Sinn Fein, who are the Vaccine Pharma kings – cynically championing vaccines all year, try to use the controversy to get rid of him because he went off message?

We showed you in December how Sinn Fein & Mary Lou McDonald are neck deep in the AstraZeneca killer Covid Vaccine scam. And we showed you how Sinn Fein have aped every cynical identity-politics ploy that the illegitimate Biden-Harris ticket have done since they returned from Washington in November 2019 to find 4.6 million euro in a caravan.

Last year we saw them put murals up for the apparently dead rapist drug dealer George Floyd, beside heros like Bobby Sands in Belfast. The anti-Irish clowns. That George Floyd false flag was of course designed to deliberately set off the #BurnLootMurder (BLM) riots that nearly tore America apart, and that Sinn Fein vigorously supported here in Ireland. And last week we seen Sinn Fein mimic Biden’s current woke witch hunt in the US military for far-right ‘extremists’, where they called for the Irish army to be protected from online far-right radicalism. Utter nonsense. You can see the pattern here – Sinn Fein are contractors working for a much bigger global organisation focused on destabilising the west.

And what is certain is that Sinn Fein would love to see Leo Varadkar dead. He is interfering with their plans to profit politically from the economic destruction of Ireland by telling people the truth and trying to override the manufactured fear (unlike every other establishment Irish politician looking to suck on the Narco-state pharma tit for life).

He is most definitely messing with Mary Lou’s (and her crown handler’s) Vaccine message. And you can be sure they (and the media) would also blame any attack on Varadkar on the ‘far-right’ nonsense.

So Where Did the Intel Come From For A Credible Death Threat?

In fairness to the organised black-collar criminals of Sinn Fein, taking a shot at Varadkar using a disaffected republican probably isn’t something they would risk. Yes, they spent a week in 2019 having multiple meetings with a mafia construction union, and yes, Mary Lou McDonald is bezzie-mates with a CFR Iraq war criminal Richard Haass (see that article for more on Haass)… but with Sinn Fein finally reaching semi-legitimacy in the eyes of the Irish electorate (at least they were pre-Covid) it is unlikely they would have anything to do with an attempt on Varadkar’s life – they have their eyes set on the big scam and getting into Government.

Would they broker something with the mobbed up union (LiUNA) that they late nights in Washington in meetings with? Potentially. That hypothetical transatlantic conversation would have no doubt been picked up by the NSA. Remember, Sinn Fein are Globalist cardboard cut-outs. They have zero allegiance to Ireland or it’s people. They’ve sold their people out throughout 2020 by advocating and driving disastrous lockdown policies, and now they’re advocating dangerous vaccines and not warning their electorate of the dangers that are now mainstream news. These people are capable of anything.

Similarly, the big pharma mafia run by the UK crown and the Wellcome (GSK) family have the resources to carry something like this out. The likes of Mi5 (Mary Lou McDonald and Drew Harris’s bosses) have a long history of this kind of thing. And they can afford any price to carry something like this out.

But who would have the level of intel required to be in a position to warn the Irish Police of a credible international threat on Varadkar’s life?

Varadkar’s Irish Lockdown Announcement in March 2020 – From Washington

Back in the Freepress Delorean we go! On the 12th of March 2020 Leo Varadkar announced a Lockdown for Ireland. He was one of the first National leaders to do so (he was Irish Prime Minister at the time, Boris Johnson announced his on the 23rd of March). And Varadkar made this huge announcement from the steps of Trump’s Whitehouse-guest wing, Blair House. The following day, Trump also announced a National Covid emergency and released Billions in funds to keep the US economy afloat.

Not only is the fact that Varadkar announced the Irish lockdown from the Whitehouse notable, but he also cancelled a trip two days prior to New York, where he had been scheduled to lobby for a highly prized seat on the UN security council. This was reported by the antifa-staffed Irish digital fish-wrapper the That link takes you to the original story just two days before where the UN meeting was still scheduled. This link, to the same story but edited a couple of days later, shows you how it was postponed ‘due to Covid’ (which is a nonsense because he still travelled despite Covid, and things didn’t change in one day).

Irish people will recall that ‘Bono’, famous tax-dodger, Jeffrey Epstein afficionado, all round douchebag, and cousin of Barbara Hewson the Paedophile lobbyist, has lobbied extensively for his Globalist commie masters in recent years to win that coveted UN security council seat ‘for Ireland’.

It was a massive thing, for Varadkar to cancel this meeting – possibly the most important takeaway from this article in terms of understanding the wider geopolitical situation at the time.

Given that Ireland has now become a mini communist Covid dictatorship and followed everything the CCP said regarding their magical Wuhan lockdown lie – instead of following the actual basic science that showed there was no reason to lockdown and destroy our society and economy and mental health – it is clear that had Varadkar attended that meeting in New York and been successful, China would now have an extra proxy vote on the UN security council.

The cult that China is a major part of (still run by the UK crown most likely) – the one trying to usher in a ‘great reset’ and pharma technocratic-fascism to mirror communist China -is clearly running things in Ireland right now.

And who is the main guy that did not want China to have an extra UN Security Council seat?

Donald Trump (as many of his fans and foes know) has opposed lockdowns, China, mask mandates, Globalism, and plenty more besides in relation to the scamdemic since April of last year. He has been completely against-big-pharma – even taking vaccine distribution away from the Pharma administrators he punished in the ongoing Opioid crisis lawsuits and putting management of that program into the hands of the US military.

As per our Narco State article linked earlier in this speculative yarn, Ireland is now the nexus of the international Pharma manufacturing hydra – it is now an extremely relevant country in the Global scheme of things.

Let’s briefly pause and summarise: Varadkar made a major itinerary change and blew the pitch for a UN security council seat, then announced a surprise lockdown from the one place he couldn’t be ignored on the world stage – the White House. He was outside the reaches of the corrupt Irish Civil service and the corrupt Irish media, and he did it under the umbrella of the one man (Trump) who has done more to fight lockdowns and the fake-pandemic narrative unleashed on the world by Communist China. There was definitely doin’s a transpirin’!
Where Could The Intel For A Credible Death Threat Come From?

For anyone who thinks Trump is one of the good guys (he is, despite his apparent support of the poison vaccine narrative which I believe was unavoidable given the brainwashing that went on in 2020 by the commie media), there is strong circumstantial evidence here that Varadkar is very likely a White hat in the great geopolitical game playing out over the past sixteen months.

It looks like Trump and Varadkar were a) throwing off the scamdemic timetable for some reason and b) possibly trying to paint Varadkar as an extreme Covid-cabalist and confuse the enemy, buying him six months in charge in Ireland to run interference. It looks like they copped on in November and started taking steps to hurt him politically, and now he is facing death threats.

It is therefore reasonable to assume that the intel that lead to his current 24 hour armed police detail came from one of the US Intelligence services (not the FBI or CIA of course), and almost certainly not a legitimate Irish threat source.

There are many corrupt elements within the Irish police force and Varadkar needs to be very careful, even if he has had forewarning. Obviously there are many good and genuine elements in every police force, but one only has to look at the Maurice McCabe persecution, the murder of Veronica Guerin that some Gardai facilitated, or the murder of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier by an Irish Police officer (and subsequent Keystone-coverup by the force) for reminders of how open they are to pure evil.

Even in recent weeks the occultist Freemason element of the Irish Police force has demonstrated their adoration to the cabal with occult rituals openly celebrated on the satanic Irish broadcaster RTE. And the recent high-profile arrest and singling-out of young girl by a masked gang of police thugs on Dublin’s Victoria Quay, named after the Saxe-Coburg founder, following an ominous march and encirclement by police, will have sent shivers down the spine of those particularly tuned into these things.

Click for image link
Click for image link
A False Flag Is Definitely NOT What The Doctor Ordered

Even an unsuccessful attempt on Varadkar’s life, facilitated by corrupt members of the Irish police force who would know the attempt would fail, would function as a false flag to demonise the anti-lockdown movement in the eyes of the public. A successful attempt on his life would shut down debate for at least another three years, and by then all memories of the corruption and nursing home murders would be long faded. We haven’t had a false flag in Ireland for a long time – not since the Omagh and Dublin Monaghan bombings which were perpetrated by British security services.

If it happens (God forbid), we’ll see a random social media profile with something far-rightish included, the perpetrator will be white, and that’s literally all it would take for the media, who have deliberately lied in calling everyone opposing lockdowns as far-right, to run away with it for their political and pharma masters.

Any incident (God forbid again) would lead to a procession of ‘The man who fought Covid’, and the ‘man who announced lockdown’ gushing from media and politicians like the ghoul Neale Richmond mentioned above.  And of course, for all his faults, what might be a decent man would be hurt.

Any questioning of the narrative would be severely curtailed and the handwringing and dishonouring of the man’s memory (he has clearly been trying to wake people up from their mental prisons) would likely extend to Europe and beyond. Every scumbag politician would look to make political hay from it and would use it to go all in on the lockdown fanaticism. These are serious times, as we all know. The fate of Western civilisation is at stake.

Ireland and Europe would very likely see extreme security laws brought in, similar to the ‘temporary’ US patriot act of twenty years ago now, and political policing of conservatives and anti-tyranny voices like ourselves here at would be unleashed. The Communist Gulags would be here for we ‘others’, and the brainwashed woke mob that the media have conditioned so successfully would be the first to cheer. The insidious process of othering by the media was began long ago.

But wait! We aren’t there yet…because we are winning. Every day the lie is breaking down. Every day more people can see. It might not feel like it, but every word you spell and speak against the Covid lie is a victory. And the wave of truth is undoubtedly turning into an unstoppable tsunami.

In the case of this latest Scamdemic plot device the dark forces look to have been foiled again by the white hats. It does look like Varadkar has been wrapped up by the good guys before any planned operation could be executed – as usual the good guys are one step ahead of the cult.

Leo Varadkar may be part of an upcoming contrived false flag story to justify more tyranny and the complete destruction of our god-given freedoms for years to come…

Or the Patriots might still be still in control.

With thanks to the tuned-in lady on the quays, Eoin online, and ML – for input.
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