Clownworld – Irish Anti-Lockdown Activist Jailed For Dropping The F-Bomb…

Editors note: this article was picked up by on Monday 21st December, in their post ‘Insanity in Ireland’. This has lead to tens of thousands of international reads about the Irish Banana Republic and our justice system. We apologise if you couldn’t get on the site yesterday – our server was overloaded.

Key Points:

  • Irish State Funded Media RTE lied about the defendant, proving his point about fake news
  • RTE deliberately lied in its reporting on the case outcome – they said he was jailed for Mask offence on a bus, but sentence was actually for saying ‘fuck’ to police
  • Socialist media & the left in general hate the defendant because they hate themselves and the economic nationalism he represents
  • The sentencing Judge’s professional background is co-incidental, but interesting in the wider context of the Irish Government’s incessant Covid-19/China virus lies and subservience to China

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    1. RTE’s Personal Vendetta Against Heasman & The Truth
    2. Two Months In Prison For Saying ‘Fuck
    3. Judge Fiona Lydon & Ireland’s China Investment Syndrome

On December 17th 2020, Irish anti-lockdown and anti-mandatory mask campaigner Andrew Heasman was sentenced to two months in prison in an Irish court. The sentence arose from an incident where he refused to wear a facemask on public transport, breaking public transport face-mask laws enacted by the criminal Irish Health Minister Stephen Donnelly and puppet Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin.

The Irish Prime Minister is a big fan of Chinese cash for Covid lies

In his defence Mr Heasman contended that he had a medical exemption letter for asthma. Embarrassingly for the country, the case has been reported on a number of international news sites. We’ve got the background.

Mr Heasman has been an active anti-lockdown and anti-mask campaigner since the Irish Government began waging psychological war on its people in January 2020. Heasman has also protested outside the High court in May 2020 when the Court corruptly dismissed citizen legal challenges to lockdowns on constitutional grounds. He has also regularly protested outside RTE, which is the Irish State propaganda apparatus.

For our many international readers – RTE is to Ireland what the old Soviet Pravda publication was for the Politburo – a state-funded mouthpiece for state messaging and narrative management.

The repeated weekly protests outside RTE’s headquarters highlighted the lies and pseudoscience regarding the entire draconian Covid response by the Irish state, criminal state actions which RTE championed. The protests also highlighted how RTE broke the 2009 broadcasting act by not keeping the Irish people properly informed of world events and the Italian data releases in March – we wrote about RTE’s criminality in relation to the 2009 act here.

They never reported the Italian state data releases from March which showed conclusively that there were no extra-normal deaths happening in Italy. Instead RTE ratcheted up the tension and told lie after lie about Italian death numbers, despite being informed of the truth by citizens. RTE deliberately frightened a nation into submission and compliance. We wrote about that here.

RTE has never questioned China’s communist state propaganda on Covid, and never given voice to concerns that lockdowns were disproportionate responses based on zero science.

Mr Heasman is the latest in a long line of activists to face off against the Irish state and consequently feel the wrath of its systemic corruption. The Irish state has treated many protest groups similarly – like the Mother & Baby home activists; the Shell to sea activists, and the Hepatitis C campaigners, amongst others.

RTE’s personal vendetta against Heasman & the truth

RTE have lied to the Irish people since the entire China-virus situation broke – lying about deaths in Italy & Europe as a whole; the nursing home murders by NPHET & the Irish State health service; and the hyped-up dangers posed by COVID-19 to society in general.

RTE have been the hub of the lie that has caused more suicides than any other cause in Irish history, and the destruction of our economy and lower & middle class jobs.

Heasman’s protests and marches to and from RTE did not go unnoticed as they wound their way through the leafy well-to-do suburbs of Ballsbridge and beyond. RTE paints itself as a bastion of civilisation and culture, so the rich and famous of South Dublin getting a peek at their sordid and cankerous underbelly wasn’t ideal.

Their misrepresentation of Heasman’s court case demonstrates the depth these swamp creatures will sink to in their vendetta against the truth in Ireland.

RTE’s news and current affairs department is run by Jon Williams, formerly head of the communist-owned ABC news in the United states, where his wife Susan Mercandetti also worked. Jon Williams also worked in a senior position at the the BBC when Jimmy Saville was raping children up and down the country and senior establishment figures were joining in.

Williams’s BBC boss at the time, Mark Thomson, was rewarded for looking the other way on Saville with a job as head of the New York Times, where he currently heads up that denizen of biased news.

Why would Jon Williams come to Ireland after such a high-profile job in the United States? We are just four million people here to the 300+ million of the United States. Is it because Ireland is hugely important in a geopolitical sense? Was it to control the narrative on the billion dollar Irish abortion industry? Why did Williams come to backwater Ireland to take a position that controls the news interpretation that Irish people are exposed to? It was an extremely odd career choice.

Here is how Jon Williams of RTE had his minions on the RTE fake-news desk frame the Heasman case last week – to help the state send a message to any other would-be mask dissenters:

Fake News RTE lying about Facemask offence being the cause of prison sentence

RTE framed sentencing as a prison sentence for not wearing a mask. Then they ridiculed his defence saying charges were ‘Trumped up’ in the headline as you can see, per Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals (which we go into below). Ridicule is their primary weapon, and RTE ridiculing Heasman here should give you an idea of their lack of impartiality.

What RTE deliberately left out of their report is the fact that Heasman was sentenced for a public order offence, and not for the offence of not wearing a mask. The courts cannot enforce the mask mandate given that there is zero science to show masks prevent viral spread.

The Judge sentenced Heasman under a public order offence for using the word ‘fuck’. He said ‘There, I am off your fucking bus’, when being removed by police from the bus. He was then arrested and charged by Irish police for not wearing a mask. The police themselves regularly do not wear masks (and we will show you video soon to prove that).

Heasman has been publicly campaigning about RTE being fake-news all year, and it seems they proved his point by their demonstrably false reporting. The Irish Judiciary sentencing him to two months in prison for using the word ‘fuck’ will tell you all you need to know about the swamp we live in.

Indeed, Irish politicians regularly don’t wear masks and neither do RTE.

Below is Irish member of Irish parliament, Big-pharma lobbyist and vaccine fanatic Alan Kelly, the megalomaniacal leader of the Irish Labour party.

In June he virtue-signalled and lectured us on masks: In December he doesn’t wear a mask on public transport. Where was Judge Fiona Lydon and the heroic Irish mask police here?

This is the disgusting double standard that the Irish state and establishment prides itself on.

Two months in Prison for saying ‘Fuck’, after a year of Vilification By The Irish ‘Left Wing’ Online

Heasman’s two-month sentence is yet another example of state power brought down on those who refuse to bow to the pseudoscience propping up the China-virus lie.

The revolutionary cucks of the Irish left wing have also had it in for Heasman since he rose to prominence this year by opposing unscientific lockdowns. Many jeer and celebrate his imprisonment on Twitter, much like the people of Dublin threw piss and shit at other maligned protestors in our nation’s past.

He has been variously labelled as ‘far-right’ or ‘racist’ by various mainstream & socialist social media activists in Ireland, simply for exercising his constitutional right to protest against freedom-destroying lockdowns and mandatory mask mandates.

On social media he has been attacked, vilified, and ridiculed by Irish leftists in a manner Communist China would have truly been proud of. Ridicule is a central tactic of the armies of leftist bots and socialist state media fanboys that lurk on social media, as per Saul Alinsky’s rule five for radicals.,

And that ridicule continued even as one of their own – committed Marxist Piers Corbyn – was arrested for protesting the very same things Heasman protests in the UK in May 2020. This disconnect from reality shows how utterly controlled the ‘radicals ‘ of the Irish left are by the Irish government and the media that the Irish Government now bankroll.

It also shows the inability of the brainwashed left to consider two opposing ideas in their heads at the same time – a nationalist (Heasman) who is simultaneously fighting against the Covid lie.

Their porn-addled brains seem unable to handle the contradiction to their established prejudices, so they take leave of reality and just call the bad man ‘far-right’ or ‘racist’.

In doing this they echo the weasel words of the British Police Commissioner Drew Harris, now in charge of Irish state security. A man who is the representation of everything that the left’s heroes in the British North of Ireland fought against. Ireland is a country of imbecilic ironies, and Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

Vitriol for Heasman oozes from the the left in Ireland while in their parallel safe-spaces they cheer on the ‘right wing’ Irish ruling parties for stealing their freedoms, destroying jobs, and psychologically molesting the nation for a year.

The pied-piper of the left – Mary Lou McDonald – Chairman-Moo of the Sinn Fein Communist fake-opposition political party; noted pharma-lobbyist; and probable British agent, even pretended to have Covid in April of 2020 to keep the working classes on side, while her fellow totalitarian politicians allowed the economy and thousands of lives to be destroyed for literally nothing. And the left still believe that she was really sick like all those other celebrities were…

The ‘radical’ working class heroes of Ireland have fallen right in line with Morlock-McDonald’s worship of every decision the Irish ‘right wing’ Government has made.

The flame of hatred that the Irish left shine for Heasman seems to stem from their own inculcated self-hatred more than any real political beliefs. They are so obviously divided and conquered by the forces they pretend to oppose, that they become angry when others don’t wear a mask in order to mask their own pitiful subservience and self-administered emasculation.

They left in Ireland do exactly what the Irish State says – despite the science conclusively showing that masks are completely useless in preventing viral spread, per the CDC. They counter-protest against lockdown protestors despite lockdowns being scientifically barbaric and devoid of scientific justification. The left in Ireland craves the approval of the Irish right-wing government – because if the they agree with the state they don’t have to follow through and act on the Marxist waffle many of them espouse.

They find it easier to physically attack anti-lockdown protests full of women and children (like the Antifa and Black Lives matter slime in the United States), and ridicule protestors on social media, than to disagree for even a moment with the apparently capitalist (but in reality fascist) mainstream media and right-wing politicians that have indoctrinated them. Of course, it helps that these Sinn-Fein controlled Antifa punks get paid 150-250 euro in cash to dress up in black and attend counter protests opposing Heasman’s fellow protestors.

The justified non-compliance of people like Heasman reminds the left in Ireland of their own weakness and complete capitulation to the ‘right wing’ Government of Ireland. They respond via Saul Alinsky 101 with ridicule on social media, hiding behind their screens and artfully dodging their real enemy – the Irish State.

A state which has destroyed working class jobs and lied to a nation for a year and caused thousands of suicides. The left’s cucked political ‘leaders’ know that the official Covid-19 narrative and mask mandates are both political tools being used by Irish politicians, who are almost all on the side of tyranny and non-science.

And all of those leftist leaders are champagne socialists leading the working class leftists on a merry dance of division, gaslighting them into advocating for the destruction of the birthright their ancestors fought so hard to create for them.

Perhaps they simply ‘identify’ as trans-leftists, choosing to make noise about unisex toilets and trans-rights, and the death of a rapist and armed robber George Floyd, rather than workers rights. Choosing to pretend these issues are more important than freedom of speech and liberty because they haven’t got the stones for any kind of a real fight.

Perhaps they hate Heasman because they currently get to stay at home in their pyjama-onesies playing with themselves all day, thanks to ‘Covid dangers’ – if Heasman is proven right about lockdowns and masks then their onanistic-utopia will come to a juddering anti-climax.

The sad reality is that the majority of Heasman’s social media inquisitors are privileged middle class self-hating snobs, looking down their nose at a man with a working class accent standing up to the state. And therein lies the key to the whole anti-nationalist agenda of the Irish media – Irish Nationalists like Heasman represent economic nationalism – advocating the takeback our natural resources from the grossly corrupt EU.

The establishment in Ireland is paid handsomely by the EU succubus to administer this robbery, using the media and the idiotic left as tools of division to maintain the status quo. Trump represents the same ideals, and we have seen the lengths the establishment have gone in trying to oust him. The Irish media have demonised Trump for five years for this very reason – he represents the economic nationalism that would spell an end to their control: they don’t want the Irish natives getting nationalistic notions of their own.

Heasman has been being among the vanguard of Irish protesters opposing lockdown tyranny since the summer of 2020. For continuing to stand in the face of withering enemy fire his words deserve consideration whether you agree with him or not. The progressive left would do well to acknowledge their own manipulated prejudices and try to look at things impartially.

There is merit here if the corrupt Irish state is going after him – they have gone after left and right movements in the past that were proven right. The flak gets hardest when you’re over the target and the state has mustered a vast array of anti-aircraft weaponry against him. He just might be onto something.

Judge Fiona Lydon & Ireland’s China Syndrome

The Judge who sentenced Heasman to two months in prison was Judge Fiona Lydon. Relatively new to the bench, she became a judge in 2017. It is hard to imagine that Judge Fiona Lydon is unaware that masks do not stop viral spread – she’s notionally an intelligent woman having been appointed a district court judge. She almost certainly knows that masks are simply a tool of the state to manifest and make tactile a pandemic that doesn’t exist on paper, or in hospitals or anywhere else in reality.

This case was an opportunity for Lydon to change the country and expose the corrupt tyranny of Ireland’s health service: the minster for ill-health the criminal Stephen Donnelly, various criminal Government ministers who have unconstitutionally stolen Irish freedoms, and the corrupt & disgusting animals that work for the Coronavirus advisory body NPHET.

Judge Fiona Lydon could have simply cited the existing science and struck out the case, then advised that we try the real criminals. What a pity she passed on this opportunity to help drain the Irish swamp. Perhaps she was pressured into the sentence. It isn’t easy to go up against the state lies on Covid, even for a judge.

Unrelated, but interesting nonetheless in the context of how small Ireland is, Lydon’s previous employment before her judgeship was at Shannon Group PLC, where she was Group legal counsel. That company controls the failing Shannon airport and huge amounts of unprofitable commercial property and heritage interests, and has been bleeding money since long before the manufactured Covid-scam crippled the tourist industry.

Judge Lydon worked with Shannon Group PLC when the Shannon group signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with an airport group in China. Which is essentially an MOU with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

The simple reality is that ANY business deal with a Chinese company is a deal with the CCP. The same CCP that unleashed the China-virus lie on the world. The CCP controls all international business in China, and a recent data leak via The Australian Newspaper and Sky News Australia shows just how active the CCP has been in infiltrating Western businesses.

Judge Lydon had left Shannon Group by the time the new Chinese Ambassador to Ireland, ‘HE Xiangdong’, visited the airport in May 2019. He was the latest in a long line of high ranking Chinese officials to visit the Shannon Group company, including Xi Jinping himself in 2012.

The Irish ambassador Xiangdong is actually originally from Wuhan.

We are not saying in any way that Judge Lydon was guided in giving this disproportionate and gratuitous jail sentence to Heasman by anything other than her vigorous legal mind.

But her pals in Shannon Group PLC and their CCP friends will be delighted if the Irish judiciary inadvertently continues to keep the Covid-19 lie going in this country.

If the China-virus lie is exposed Globally (and that exposure is slowly happening), China is in huge trouble. The Chinese Communist party will almost certainly withdraw any investment funds from countries (like Ireland) who speak the truth on the China-virus scam.

If China suffers economically because the world suddenly decides to punish them for unleashing this lie on the world with fake seizure videos and a rubbish story about Wuhan, supported by the W.H.O that they control, then that MOU between the Chinese Communist party and Shannon Group probably won’t turn into future investment cash for Shannon group. And the rest of the Irish establishment won’t get any more Chinese cash.

Supporting the China-virus lie is big business for Ireland’s establishment – source

All co-incidence of course, and nothing at all to do with the court case mentioned above…

Sentences like Heasman’s are designed to deter further questioning by Irish citizens of their government’s lies around Covid. And only the bravest would now dare take off their mask on public transport if all they read was RTE fake-news.

Questions like ‘how did China exit their ‘crisis’ without vaccines?’ will be stifled. The same vaccines that are being pushed on Irish people by pharma-lobbyists like RTE’s Claire Byrne and Ryan Tubridy.

Any deviation from the official Covid narrative in Ireland & Europe would be bad for Chinese vaccine interests too – they have a serious investment in the Covid vaccine scam via Wuxi Biologics in Ireland,  as we explored in this post which looked at Irish politicians being bribed by China. Ask yourself what that Chinese lad is saying to Varadkar in the bottom picture on that post: “We’ve got the pictures Leo, and we have you by the balls”.

Have Irish political elites been acting with Chinese money in mind since the start? Were they told what was coming? Communist Abortion fanatic Mary Lou McDonald almost certainly was told what was coming. Why was the entire Sinn Fein delegation meeting with a mobbed up union repeatedly in late 2019, only to have 4.6 million appear two weeks later? Why indeed.

Irish politicians would have us believe that this most contagious of all viruses (we are told) somehow didn’t spread like wildfire across the most polluted and environmentally degraded nation on the planet where they literally eat anything that moves.

And that somehow we must take risky vaccines that China never needed. These are the things that RTE and the Irish state have worked so hard to make us believe, and people like Mr Heasman have been an annoying interference for their messaging.

The fact is whole of European politics is on the take from Communist China, including the Irish Government.

Shutting down people like Mr Heasman using state power is a top priority for financially broke European Governments and their establishments. This is why the message has been so one sided since January.

This is the wider context of the Banana Republic of Ireland, and Judge Fiona Lydon’s Orwellian sentencing decision. Ireland is a corrupt banana republic with zero accountability, zero checks and balances, and only the illusion of a democracy.

Do not be deterred – the truth’s day will come.

Twitter and Facebook have shut down for telling the truth, we rely on our readers to share our work, thank you.


Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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